Traveling with Your Dogs

Our dogs are part of our family. We all love our dogs which is why we want to take them with us when we travel. Having a faith companion like a dog with you when you travel is great for both parties. You get to explore a new place with your beautiful corgi-husky crossbreed (For more info about those this crossbreed check out and you do not have to lock your dog away while you are gone. But when you do travel with your dog there are a few things you need to keep in mind which we will discuss today.

Think About How Your Journey Might Affect Your Dogs

Dogs typically do not enjoy being in any sort of moving vehicle, so plan how you will psychologically prepare your dogs for whatever trip you are going on. Make sure before you leave your dog has had some food, water and has been able to run around a bit to burn off some energy so they can relax in whatever transport you are taking.

Regardless of your mode of transport you need to make sure that you bring treats with you and anything that comforts your dog for the ride. This can help relax them when they are unfamiliar places. Most dogs find new places extremely stressful so working on putting your dog in the right mindset with a caring approach for your dog’s needs is essential to making the experience as stress-free as possible for your dogs.

When Traveling by Car

If you are traveling via car there are plenty of measures you can take to ensure that your dog will be safe and reasonably relaxed throughout their journey. Some dogs actually love going out in the car, while others end up feeling motion sick, nervous and claustrophobic. If you are yet to take any of your dogs out in the car, take them for a test drive. Only a short one, just to gauge how they adapt to time in the car. A 10-minute drive should be enough, it will help you understand how they will react to a longer drive.

Before you take them out for that short drive though, make sure you pet-proof your car. Make sure all power controls are off in the backseats. Make sure that your backseat is free of anything a dog could manage to swallow. The last thing you want is to have to post-pone your trip because of an emergency trip to the vets. A lockable pet carrier in the backseat can reduce the chance of your dog getting all over everything but still make sure you have a clean backseat.

After your test drive and you go for the real thing, make sure that you take plenty of breaks during your trip. The great thing about driving to your location with a dog is that you have total control over breaks. You can stop whenever you want to let your dog out for some air or to do their business in a bush. Make sure you do this every hour or so, so your dog does not build up too much frustration in their cage.

When Traveling by Train or Boat

The same control cannot be said for trains or boats. If you must travel by train or boat, make sure they are domestic pet friendly. There are often a bunch of regulations you need to adhere too and its different for each mode of transportation so make sure you do your research before showing up with your dogs.

Some cruise boats will offer crate services for pets, often non-crew pets are not allowed on cruise boats so most pet owners must opt for crate services. If your dogs end up staying in the ship’s kennel, make sure to regularly visit your dogs with food and water. Stress in dog ship dog kennels can be high so make sure you relax your dog often with your familiar face.

Ultimately, taking the necessary precautions when you travel are important for any travel with dogs. All dogs are different though, some dogs might love being on transport, while others have a nervous breakdown while in transit. Understanding what your dog needs and giving it all the home comforts it enjoys will make the process smoother for most.