Buzzing Virtual Flirting

Founded in 2019, LuckyCrush is a "virtual flirting" platform that connects random male and female members through a live video chat session. These live video sessions can last as long as either stranger wants, and any of them can end the chat by clicking on the "next" button. The site does not promise any physical meetups and wholly brands itself as an anonymous virtual flirting network. Less than twelve months after its launch, the platform now has over 10 million users and has recorded a 50% surge in use since the imposition of the lockdown.

Currently available in more than 100 countries across the globe and recording even more numbers as more people turn to the internet for respite during the lockdown, LuckyCrush has recently witnessed a surge in users. However, our best live cam sites works for everyone across the globe.

However, the virtual flirting platform didn’t just become relevant due to the widespread lockdown measures. The 100% virtual flirting experience – which was managed by a 3-person workforce at the time – already boasted of half a million users just three months after its launch and had generated around €3M in slightly under a year.

How does the virtual flirting platform work?

Users can visit LuckyCrush either from their tablet, phone, or computer. The platform helps to randomly connect willing partners of the opposite sex. Both strangers can enjoy a live video chat session for as long as they want or until either of themclick on the 'next' button. Currently, the virtual flirting network only matches people of the opposite sex. The platform also runs on a 50-50 split system that ensures that the ratio of male to female registration is in equal number. Furthermore, the founders of the platform are working on launching a new version that would make virtual flirting between members of the same sex possible.

How does the platform manage to attract an equal number of men and women?

"Last July, we had the incredible idea to gamify our chat site. Men pay to access the chat, while women have free access and even earn points when they chat on the site," says the founder. The platform is also said to be operating a self-moderating model, where users can report other users that may have gone contrary to the rules of the platform. Users found to have violated the rules will be immediately suspended from accessing the site.

Where is LuckyCrush headed?

Several big names in the dating industry have made mega offers to buy LuckyCrush – as early as three months after it officially launched. Many of these offers run into several millions of euros. However, the founders are focused on taking the platform to the next level. Similarly, the founders have recruited new teams of engineers and marketers to help fasten the growth of the virtual dating network. Nevertheless, they insist that they arewholly committed to partnering with other industry giants to make the virtual flirting network more original and sustainable in the long term.