Rental Gear
Maui is an amazing place to travel. There are many places to rent gear on Maui for a variety of activities. Here are some rental gear on Maui tips.

Snorkeling Gear

If you are looking to do some snorkeling in Maui, there are plenty of places to rent some equipment. Kihei, Lahaina, and Kaanapali all have shops that rent scuba and snorkeling gear.

You can get a mask, a snorkel, and fins to swim at an affordable price for your budget. Call the shops ahead of your vacation, and see what the renting rates are to get the best deal.

Since equipment is handed out on a first come first serve basis, it's smart to get to the rental shop right when it opens. Having your choice of scuba gear to choose from will make your snorkeling trip the best trip. It's important to get scuba gear that is comfortable, and fits properly.

There are plenty of places to get rental gear on Maui. By following these tips you should have the Maui vacation of your dreams.

Black rock beach at Kaanapali is known for its great snorkeling. There are lots of fish and turtles to see. If you have a scuba diving instructor, they should be able to help you explore the whole reef.

Another great place to snorkel is Napili shores. Napili Shores is a white sand beach with palm trees overlooking the beach. There are very few rocks in the water, and the visibility is great. At Napili, you can see fish and turtles near the shoreline while snorkeling.

Renting Surfboards, Paddle Boards and Boogie Boards

Surf boards, paddle boards, and boogie boards can also be rented throughout Maui. There are some great beaches and surfing spots to catch a wave. Airport beach at Kaanapali is a great spot to rent a board, and catch some waves.

In Maui, stand up paddle boarding might be even more popular than surfing. There are plenty of places to rent a paddle board in Maui like Kihei, Lahaina, Kaanapali and more. You might want to get a paddle board instructor if it's your first time.

A good instructor will teach you how to stand on your paddle board, and use the oar to paddle wherever you want to. Once you get the hang of it you will have the best time. A paddle boarding instructor can help most people learn in just an hour.

Boogie boards can also be rented at various shops in Maui. Boogie boards are great rentals for families with kids. Boogie boards are easy to use, and a lot safer than surf boards or paddle boards.

Call ahead if you want to snorkel, and get to the rental shop early to get your pick of equipment. For renting paddle boards, pay for instruction if it's your first time. Rent boogie boards for kids.

Maui has so much to see and do. Go rent some gear, swim with turtles, and catch some waves. Renting gear will make your vacation one to remember.