Knowing about shower faucet types may seem to be a lot of work. You may feel like its useless information. But trust me, you are going to need this information when one of your shower faucets is broken or you need to replace it.

There is an overwhelming number of shower faucets in the market. Today we are talking about shower faucet types based on its handle and head. Let’s get started. 

Shower faucet types based on the number of handles:

Single-handle shower faucet: you will get this type more often in the market. It’s easy to adjust the temperature and water flow with this design. 

Double-handle shower faucet: this traditional double handle shower is not so classy for your modern home. It comes with a diverter that looks like it works as a third handle. 

Shower faucet types based on types of handles:

While choosing a shower faucet for your bathroom you may look for those faucets that match your bathroom. But it is important to know if it is as good as it looks and works as well. The shower faucet handle should be easy to work with. 

Shower faucet with knob handles: modern and funky is what we can call this shower faucet with knob handles. This is a popular shower faucet type nowadays. 

Shower faucet with lever handles: you can call a home modern when the bathroom and kitchen fixtures are modern. This shower faucet with lever handles is minimalist and modern in every way. It’s very easy to work with as well. 

Shower faucet with cross handles: if your bathroom has a rustic theme with reclaimed wood or metal than this shower faucet will perfectly blend in. it looks a little confusing at first but you will figure it out once you use it. 

Shower faucet types based on types of showerheads

It’s easy to identify shower faucets based on showerheads. Because there are two types of showerheads in the market. These are 

Fixed showerheads:

The showerheads that you see mounted on ceilings are the fixed showerheads. You can turn them 180 degrees according to your preferred direction. It gives you more control over the flow.

There are several numbers of fixed showerheads that come with different functions. You can choose one of them according to your preference. 

Handheld shower heads: 

Handheld shower heads are my personal favorite. It looks modern and chic but it’s been here for ages. The best thing about the handheld shower is it’s flexible. You have the control to reach any part of your body. It helps with hair washing so much as it cleans the hair perfectly. 

Is it enough to know the types of shower faucets?

In most cases no it’s not enough. When you need to repair a shower faucet you need to know the manufacturer’s name.

Every faucet has unique parts that do not match with other brands. So keep the instruction manual when you buy a new shower faucet. 

Final thoughts

Shower faucets are the most important part of a bathroom. It makes the bathroom look better and ensures comfort during shower time. It is not wrong if we say that the comfort in the shower depends on shower faucets. Just remember to keep the instruction manual for further use. I hope you found the type of shower faucet you have been looking for.