You don’t need to be very intimidated while breaking down seafood like lobster. It’s authentic when you boil up the summer lobster that has soft-shell.

You may manage with just a paper large roll of towels and bare hands with this lobster. But, you may want some help when it comes to rock hard and really good lobsters.

Previously you might have seen the shiny and the silly bibs apply to remove the meat. However, check the drawers of your kitchen before you go out somewhere and shop the most important and latest seafood tools.

You may already have most of the essential equipment that you need to deal with seafood. So, just continue and check if you have the below items:

Seafood Forks

This seafood is also known as lobster pic as you use it to pulling and picking the meat of the lobsters from their hard parts. The meat might not be a big piece.

But, it’s worth a reasonable effort. Also, you can use a cocktail fork in this issue. It’ll make your finger active for better pushing the meat of the lobsters to come out of their shell.

While popping the flesh out of its shell, a useful tip is to apply the backend of a spoon or fork. Perhaps, dipping the freshly boiled meat in a pot or bowl of warm butter is the most excellent use of your preferred seafood pick.

Lobster/ Crab Crackers

We’re sure that you have several outdated crackers for the hinged nut in the kitchen. That might be the type of cracker that your grandpa has a use for cracking walnuts.

You can use that one for great results. It’s because it’ll work nicely to break and open the claws of lobsters. Even you can crack the tail of lobsters. In any case, the best chef’s knife will perform the task just right away.

Also, you’ll find some new types of lobster crackers in the current marketplace. Although there are lots of products and models, they don’t differ widely in their performance. But, they work better than the traditional nutcrackers.

Butter Warmer

As you genuinely love to consume seafood, you should know why you need the butter warmer to eat seafood. It’s not essential to mention that fresh seafood comes without any pair and with something else.

That’s because it can warm to melt butter from the meat of lobsters. Imagine that shining-fresh meat of lobsters has steamed to excellence.

As a result, you get the crackers of the seafood ready. What it is just absent from your table is the delicious melted butter that’s for dipping your lobsters into.

Seafood Sheller

In ancient times you timid from consuming these tasty crab legs because of their untidy shell-detritus. But, the issue is no more alive as you have the wonderfully practical seafood shellers.

They’re well-known as the most excellent tool to have in the kitchen to deal with seafood. Although this tool looks almost like your can opener, there are different types of shellfish that require using it.
That means it’s a simple solution to all seafood lovers for cracking and uncovering those hard, stubborn shells.  

Large Chef’s Knife

Just to understand that you have no seafood crackers or shellers if you throw an impromptu party with seafood for your friends as well as family. No worries because you’ll find an alternative when you need to use culinary utensils and tools.

You must have at least one and the Victorinox chef’s knife that will help you to manage lobsters with ease with all other cutting tasks.