Poppers first appeared in the middle of the 19th century when alkyl nitrates were discovered. Poppers belong to a group of slang terms that have been used throughout history to denote products that contain alkyl nitrates. Before consuming, you had to open the poppers, and it was necessary to crush the mesh between your fingers. That crushing was followed by an interesting popping sound, which became a common name among people for alkyl nitrates. Throughout history, poppers have been most used among the gay community.

Popper is a type of buzz that is available all over the world. It increases sex drive and has a strong effect but in a short time. Poppers are still very popular, but today they are equally present in use among heterosexuals as well as among heterosexuals. It relaxes the anal muscle and allows easier penetration. Poppers are one of the best opiates that are into direct relation with sex.

Compared to other substances, Poppers has the easiest way of consumption - it is used by simple inhalation. The effect is achieved literally immediately. It can be inhaled directly from the bottle, and it can also be placed in front of a fan as in sex brothels. In this way, the poppers spread evenly through the air, and everyone present can inhale it. Unscrew the lid of the bottle, and place it in the area where you want to create an erotic atmosphere. Poppers will gradually fill the entire space. After use, you need to screw the poppers back on.

It only takes poppers a few minutes to "punch" you. Few moments after you inhale the substance, the muscles in your body begin to relax, mostly your anus, which is why the gay community uses it the most. In ten seconds a huge sexual desire and muscle relaxation are achieved. All this is accompanied by increased heart rate, blood vessel spreading, increased circulation, and a feeling of heat and excitement. Although most people like this feeling, a few find it uncomfortable and dizzily.

The most common side effects of poppers are yellow lesions, that can occur around places we use for consumption such as the lips, mouth, and nose. Also, after some period of consumption, there is an accelerated heart rhythm (tachycardia) and occasional headaches for no apparent reason. Do not use poppers in combination with Kamagra, Viagra, Man King, Cialis, etc., as it can lead to serious blood pressure drop.

Although throughout history poppers have been used exclusively among the gay community, today the story is different. Today, poppers are used by everyone, young and old, women and men - all over the world. Products such as Berlin poppers, Amsterdam poppers tend to exist depending on where they are commonly used. Legislation does restrict their availability, for example poppers UK legislation allows their use, where as some countries such as Canada prevents their sale. Poppers also find their place among people who are not exclusively interested in sex, but also in dancing, since it creates a light-headed feeling and makes a human sense more susceptible to music and sounds.

Like everything else that is abused, poppers can have consequences, but moderate consumption for the sake of sexual pleasure, and better performance, poppers hold a leading role in improving sexual performance and sexual desire.