A MyBroadband reader recently sent through two SMS messages he received instructing him to pay his TV Licence.
While admitting that his licence was due for renewal, he stated that the amount the SMS messages claimed he owed was R318. The annual SABC Licence fee is R265.
The second SMS also stated that he must pay his TV Licence in order to “avoid penalties”
MyBroadband contacted the SABC about the “inflated” amount, with spokesman Kaizer Kganyago explaining that the Broadcasting Act allows for penalties to be instituted.
“The Broadcasting Act allows for penalties equal to 10% of the prescribed licence fee to be charged for each month that the licence is in arrears,” said Kganyago.
“A maximum penalty of equal the licence fee may be charged per annum.”
He said the SABC employs several agencies to collect outstanding licence fees from users on their behalf.

Blacklisting non-payers

OUTA recently stated that TV owners “cannot get blacklisted for not paying a TV licence” and that all SMS and collection letters are “hollow threats”.
“Your credit record cannot be negatively affected prior to judgement in a court of law,” said OUTA.
Kganyago said the SABC does not blacklist TV Licence holders.
“OUTA should not be advocating lawlessness by inciting the public not to pay TV Licences, as this is a legislated fee,” he said.
The SMS messages the reader received are shown below.