Mattress Adelaide
Manufacturers know that everyone has unique sleep comfort needs, and a mattress that may be comfortable for one person may not suit another. Although there are many questions that you may ask yourself before making a decision, the mattress testing consultants help make the whole process of finding the right mattress stress-free.Metia mattress Adelaide manufactures mattresses of all types and are the best manufacturers of mattress Adelaide.

You may ask yourself -

  • How long do I like it to last?
  • How comfortable do I wish to be?
  • Who is going to sleep on it?
  • What age is the person?
  • What is the weight and size of the person?
  • Are there any health issues to be considered?
  • Any partner disturbance issues to be considered?

What Quality Of Mattress Should You Invest In?

Depending on your budget and needs, the mattress testing specialist can help you find an ideal solution. Even if you have a tight budget on the cheapest type of mattress may not necessarily benefit you in the long run. Young people prefer reasonably hard mattresses. The elderly need firm support with the additional comfort layers for cushioning their dreams. The first mattress of a child should be of superior quality to provide continuous benefits until they are past their teenage.

Quality Of Mattresses

Budget Quality

  • Cheap to buy with the shortest lifespan
  • Complete with low quality foams, fabrics and springs.
  • You may even feel the springs
  • Comes with 1 year guarantee

Middle Quality

  • Complete with improved support spring, better quality fabrics and foams.
  • Expected life of nearly five years with regular use
  • Comes with better back support
  • Prices vary depending on comfort required
  • Guarantee from 5 to 10 years

Superior Quality

  • Expected lifetime of 10 years and over
  • Increase durability
  • Quality springs or support system, comfort layers and fabrics
  • Will have a pillow top for extra comfort
  • Luxury ingredients such as gel, wool, memory foam, latex, Silk, cashmere and Eco foams
  • Guarantee of 10 years
  • More comfort layers means more cost
  • Recognition from asthma and Allergy associations or chiropractic associations.

What If You Suffer From Aches And Pains?

Choose a mattress with good back support and minimal pressure. Choose Australian made brands and consider those with individual pocket springs, Mira coil spring cores, or posteuropedic as they contour to the body shape. Avoid excessive deep comfort layers which do not give full support to your body weight. When mattress testing, lay on your side, to check if your spine is straight. Spend nearly 10 to 20 minutes on the mattress to see if you are comfortable and supported. Latex mattresses move to your body and eliminate pressure points.

Which Brand To Choose?

Different brands have different types of support systems. Some brands have more partner disturbance than other brands. Brands with full foam or full latex feel quite dead. It is common to feel comfortable with a brand or construction that you have owned previously and it's probably best to stick to what you like best.

Should You Buy A Pillow - Top Mattress?

Only if extra comfort is required. If you choose a mattress where the whole mattress adjusts to your body weight like latex foam or pocket springs, you may not need a pillow top. Pillowtop mattresses develop body Impressions. This is a normal occurrence as you sleep in the mattress rather than sleeping on it.