Every person has that special someone in their life. Their significant other. Their other half. Their soulmate. Celebrating holidays and anniversaries with them fills you with joy and happiness. You shower them with gifts every time there’s an occasion. Diamond necklaces, gold earrings, handbags, anything she desires becomes hers, and vice versa. You go out together to restaurants and bars, visit family, take road trips together to locations far, far away, and ultimately, take it to the next level with the most important gift you will ever buy: an engagement ring.

Montreal from Donj Jewellery

Donj Jewellery is known for its dazzling handmade custom pieces, such as gold chains, diamond earrings, custom gold jewelry, fine jewelry, and most importantly, its beautiful engagement rings Montreal. You can rest assured that our certified experts will guide you every step of the way in choosing the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life. We make sure that when you propose, your bond, your connection, and your love will be portrayed through the perfect engagement ring. There are other options of beautiful Epoxy Resin jewelry for cute casual gifts to your partner for small surprises.

If you want to propose to your lady and your future wife like a real gentleman, then you will find that a unique ring will be a representation of your love. Engagement rings Montreal shine in perfection, and besides the wide array of engagement rings offered at Donj Jewellery, clients can also order custom made rings. How are custom-made engagement rings any different than the ones displayed at the sight of every potential client? Those who decide to buy custom made rings can entirely change the complexion of the ring, the design, the shape of the diamond, the size of the stone, the color of the gold, the amount of karats in the gold, the setting, add engravings, and much more. The possibilities in crafting the perfect engagement ring for your significant other are limitless with Donj.

We work with all kinds of gold, which means that the ring can be made of yellow, white, or rose gold. Quality of gold is measured in karats. The karat in the gold stands for the amount of the actual gold that can be found in the ring, necklace, bracelet, etc. The most expensive is 22 karat gold and 18 karat gold. Most engagement rings can be made of 14 karat gold, but you’re better off getting 18 karat. If you plan on doing it once, might as well go all in! 

big diamond on their engagement rings.

Most of our clients love adding a big diamond on their engagement rings. After all, diamonds last forever! The new trend in 2020 are princess cut diamonds, since they are really elegant and they emphasize the uniqueness and quality of the ring. Other good choices of diamond cuts for an amazing engagement ring are the radiant cut, emerald cut, and round cut. Picking an engagement ring is not an easy task, but a proposal happens only once, and Donj will guide you every step of the way to make the experience seamless and as smooth as possible.

You, as the client, will be part of the entire process. We do not begin the manufacturing process until we are sure that you are satisfied with your choice. The proposal opens the door to a new chapter of your life. Here, in our jewelry store in Montreal, you can find a great selection of wedding rings as well! Just a thought: we’ve noticed that most of our clients always request an inscription inside of the wedding ring. We are glad that we can help you create an everlasting item that will glorify your love and relationship.