VPS or Virtual Private Server has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Since the introduction of the internet over two decades ago, more and more people have taken to the online world to market and sell all kinds of products.

The Internet has successfully brought the world within the palms and fingertips of an individual. This has brought all kinds of markets from the offline world of TV promotional, billboards, and newspapers to the online world. Lots of well-established businesses are as easily taking to the internet as an entrepreneur or a student. 

Thus the demand for servers has also increased over the last few years. Talking about servers the Linux VPS has taken the market by a storm. Off all kinds of shared and dedicated server options available, this is one of the most popular and most trending choices.

Why is Linux VPS Hosting such a great choice?

You may have heard praises of the Linux OS from your programming friends about its use as a server OS. You may be wondering what makes the Linux VPS so great. Here we will discuss the terrific benefits of Linux VPS hosting in India. 
But before that, one needs to understand a little bit about VPS. It is a server platform that is intermediate between shared and dedicated servers. The server is based on very high-end hardware having specifications such as 128 cores to which you have no direct access. 
These hardware elements are segmented and a virtual emulation is created for each of the segments. The segments also have relatively high-end specifications and functions as individual servers much like a dedicated server. What makes Linux so great as a VPS? Well, read on to know more!
  • Affordable:Software licenses cost a terrific lot with all the advanced upgrades and systems that you get to use, however, the Linux OS is an open-source program. This implies that if you are looking for Linux VPS, all you need to do is download the software from the internet, install it, and get started with your work. You do not have to purchase any license to use Linux and that is a highly cost-effective solution for your company. This reduces the cost of such purchases by a huge margin. If you are looking for cheap Linux VPS hosting, you are looking for the exact right thing.
  • Performance: when you start using Linux, you will find out that this is an OS that works much faster than a Windows operating system. Even in the long run, Linux will keep surprising you with its speed and efficiency. If you are wondering why Linux is so terrific, the answer is very simple. The Linux OS is not hungry for resources. It can easily handle lots of tabs and windows at the same time without crashing and hanging up. When there is an increased surge in your resources, you don't have to restart the entire system every time, when you are using Linux. The best Linux VPS hosting plans come with this added bonus of high-end performance even after a long time of use.
  • Security: A simple yet very useful tactic that a Linux VPS will use is that it does not provide administrator access by default. All the Windows operating systems that you will find has the option of getting administrator or root-level access by default. This kind of access allows a user to get into the heart of the system and do all kinds of changes. In the wrong hands, such access can be highly catastrophic, since Linux does not provide root-level access, even if your system is attacked, the attacker can only affect the local files. The heart of the system is safe and the attacker cannot, in all probability, cause extensive damage to your data,
  • Linux being an open-source program is also subject to regular and easy upgrades. You can easily keep a track of all the codes and programs running your website and look for security breaches or loopholes. Being an open-source program gives you the advantage of easily modifying these loopholes to prevent all kinds of attacks. You can regularly keep updating all your source codes and keep the whole thing fluid- this simple tactic makes it difficult for attackers to attack a system as they are unable to get a pattern to crack through. Such updates and modifications are also easily possible in Windows, albeit with much difficulty.

  • Reliability: When you are using Linux VPS in India you will be surprised to find the degree of reliability with such a system. The Linux OS is crafted for higher stability which is lacking in all the Windows OS. You can keep running a Linux VOS for years without rebooting but you cannot do the same with a Windows OS. Be it a security patch or a software update, a Windows OS has to be rebooted after the update or installation. This is not the case with Linux OS that can give you more or less 100% of uptime. It is very easily configurable and easier to use.
  • Choices: Linux is a multi-faceted operating system that has different heads pertaining to different kinds of needs. You will get Linux VPS cheap and you will get it custom made to cater to all your needs. The CentOS or Debian based servers are crafted for use in a large enterprise. These systems can easily handle and evaluate large volumes of data without much problem. The Linux Ubuntu-based server is one of the most popular OS, and it is rightly so. It comes with fast and regular updates and has a release cycle much quicker than the other versions. ArchLinux is also an OS that you can choose for your VPS server- this one is always up to date with all the latest upgrades and you can use top of the shelf software options with this OS. Such a variety of options in such a simplistic manner is not available with Windows.