Jewellery gifting has been in our society since the Rajas and Maharaja's times. We all grew up seeing mythological serials and movies where content and satisfied Raja would give away his ring or necklace to his subjects, countless occasions in our households where our parents bought silvery glasses, kumkum boxes, etc. as return gifts, and numerous weddings where silver articles are given as a return gift. Hence, gifting wedding jewelry has always been there in our roots. And with the changing trends, the Sunflower Pendant is becoming very popular because of its looks and appeal. Few of the silver articles we receive are the only keepsakes; a few are used to pass to someone, and the remaining few are used by us.

We shell out a lot of money and less time for gifting and end up giving an inappropriate item to our loved ones; we end up disappointed too in the process. Gifting is an art, and only a few can master it; here are a few tips that may help you identify Jewellery gifts for your loved one.

For visitors at home: For those less frequent relative visits, keep silver coins, Kum-kum boxes, small silver pooja accessories like agarbati stands, silver glasses, silver flowers, silver floral stands, etc.

  • For Birthdays: There are many gift options, from rings to earrings, from zodiac pendants to gold chains, from bracelets to bangles, and from gold necklace sets to solitaries. It all depends on the budget and the person whom you are gifting.
  • For Milestone days: Our life is filled with many milestone events such as 1st birthday, 1st job, 1st salary hike, 1st child, and milestone anniversaries such as 5th anniversary, 10th, 15th, 25th, and 50th. The more significant your milestone, the more significant the gift jokes apart milestone anniversaries and events like childbirth are treated as more significant events in life. They surely deserve an item that is worth the celebration, and diamonds are the ones to match them. Search through diamond necklace designs to gift your loved ones on anniversaries or browse through baby gold Jewellery such as gold Kadas, silver anklets/payables, baby gold chains, etc.
  • For expressing your love: This is another remarkable occasion where we all feel the shot of words, and the best way to convey it is by presenting your loved ones with solitaires, which are as rare as your feelings. Solitaries have been used for a long time to represent feelings, love, warmth, and affection. It is considered as the lord of all gifts.
  • For return gifts: Return gifts to people who attend our family functions, weddings, and household events, who are our family members and extended families. An ideal gift would be a token of our affection; nothing could beat precious metals like silver or gold. Innumerable silver accessories are available, and careful consideration of the age group, relation, and gender would enable you to find some of the best return gifts.

A one-stop shop to find your ideal gift would be a well-established retail jeweler like Vaibhav Jewellers, who have silver articles, gold necklace sets, and diamonds in various price and weight ranges.

Ideally, gifting Jewellery is often expensive. But, a proper online search will expose you to lakhs of precious jewelry items well within our reach to gift. Gifting jewelry signifies not only your affection but also your love for spending the time to choose one. The joy of receiving Jewellery is always an ounce higher than that of other items, and do not let your loved ones lose that gleam on their faces when they accept their coveted gift.