Today shoes become an integral part of our daily wear. But who on earth could even imagine, we could wear shoes on time. Still, the passion of being protected turned that impossible to a possible one. And that's also with such glory. Now, it’s nearly impossible to pass a day without wearing shoes.

Moreover, day by day, it becomes a catalyst to uplift your personality. And to enhance it, I have added five quick tips regarding shoe, which will save you from making some common mistakes we often do. You could merely avoid them, I bet.

About these tips:

You must have thought there could be thousands of tips and why I summed up in only five? This article must be fooling. Yes, you could find specific tips roaming on the internet. But are they all necessary or serve your purposes? Or else, giving you an unwanted headache to find your needed one in time.

Precisely for this reason, I combine some rapid but primary tips you should always have in your mind. That you find convenient for every type of shoe you have now or in the future, of course.

Tips no 1:

Don’t use the same shoe regularly:

In fact, a much grounded, but mostly ignored fact for a shoe. When you find a perfect pair of shoes, you can't rest wearing them regularly. And it's one of those common mistakes we do unknowingly.

Wearing the whole day makes your shoe wet in sweat and stinky, which could be hazardous sometimes if ignored. So, it’s better to rest the shoe for a day to let it dry and get in shape.

Also, it's not wise to wear alike every day. As it may not even compliment your outfit at all. Hence, who wants to get tacky nowadays?

Tips no 2:

Use shoes periodically:

If you open your closet, I bet you will see the number of shoes laid there apparently unused. Some of them are as intact as new. But do you know, using shoes after a long break or not using absolutely, both are crimes ultimately.

In both cases, you are destroying your desired pair. And if it's a leather one, don't ask. There will be wrinkles on the upper case, of course. Moreover, it makes the leather hard, which becomes flimsy eventually.

Meanwhile, the same things apply to other materials as well. If it a converse or a sneaker, it needs frequent use to remain softer and comfortable. Therefore, don't buy unnecessarily to save money and the durability of Footwear.

Tips no 3:

Use specific Footwear:

As we are always on the run and our feet bear all the pressure, we must-have comfortable and proper shoe sole to aid them.

It's obvious, a casual meet up, or business meeting outfit could never be the same. Similarly, a regular sneaker can’t take over all the exercise hassle. Therefore, your wide feet are also on the list. It's not wise to make all these demands only with one or two shoes. It would be best if you chose as per your circumstances.

Interestingly, you can have thousands of shoes on the internet. You only need to pick your Alldayshoe among them.

Tips no.4:

Clean, Brush, polish:

If you need your shoe lasts for longer, you must have maintained them with proper care. Before jump into cleaning or brushing, keep the material type in mind. Because a converse shoe or a leather shoe needs different take care.

When you come from the outside, brush out the dust always. And give them a rest in the air to dry and wicks away the sweat odor. Polishing shoes give a shiny glazy look. But do it only twice or thrice a month. Similarly, use the cream once in a month and only for the leather shoes.

Besides, some shoes may need a wash, especially the white one. Learn the cleaning steps from the internet. Rubbing without knowing may worsen the quality.

Tips no 5:

Spend wisely:

This tip is the most important among the Five Quick Tips Regarding Shoe. Isn't it obvious, new covetable designs and colors will force you to buy the shoes even if you don’t need them. But is it wise to purchase an unnecessary one? I have seen my friends buying the same shoe twice. Now, what to say.

However, don’t run after. Always try to make a budget for every pair of shoes you need to buy. Spend your money wherever you need to. If you need specific shoes, don't hesitate to payout. Because it's your health or professional demand.

Therefore, save your penny from any lustrous pair when you have the same features in an affordable but durable one. Make your shoes a necessity, not a luxury.


Shoes are necessary. Therefore, Instead of ignoring, could you pay attention to it? Try to maintain it. And these five tips, in my opinion, would be your best companion in the long run regarding that. They are simple yet useful.

Moreover, these are the everyday things we often miss regarding shoes in our daily life. So don’t just read it. Apply it and be happy.