Land surveying is the technique that helps in determining the three-dimensional or terrestrial position of the points and the distance between these two points. No matter what type of property they purchase, hiring a land surveyor is essential first. The surveyor will help determine the boundaries, precise location of the property, and topographical limitations. These land surveyors are certified professionals and will help get the correct location and other details without hassle. However, they need to have their tools at bay to carry out the job.

If you are interested in studying land surveying, you must also know about the equipment used in the process.

Equipment used in land surveying:

Surveying Instrument

This is the first and most important thing. The surveyors use total stations or theodolites to measure the vertical and horizontal angles on land. It is also called a transit, a simple device with an adjustable telescope mounted on the perpendicular axis. The total station also does the same purpose, but it is a better device when compared to the theodolites. For theodolites, having two people to get the work done is essential, but with total stations, only one human being is enough.

Surveying Tripod

You must have observed this tripod on the construction sites. These tripods are needed to support the theodolite or total station. They are sturdy and will settle in the ground without any hassle. The device can withstand vibrations without any hassle.

Hand tools

The surveyors should have many hand tools in their possession when they are working. According to Right To Light London, it is essential, and you cannot ignore it. Some are tapes, axes, picks, saws, and ropes. The video will help make the markings on the land while they use axes and saws to eliminate any debris in their way or some plants. The ropes are used to tie the 3D objects for precision.

Magnetic Locator

Another tool that you will find with the surveyor while doing land surveying is the magnetic locator. It will help in pinpointing the rebar. This rebar will help in marking the property corners. The magnetic locator will also come in handy in locating the iron items buried in the soil, like nails and manhole covers. A surveyor won’t be able to get into the field without this magnetic locator, as it is essential to him.

Safety Vest

In addition to the tools that will help in land surveying, the surveyor must also have the proper safety equipment. Construction sites are risky, and there is no doubt about that. The surveyors wear dark-collared vests either in orange or green color. This will help them in getting noticed by the people even in the dark. They are fluorescent colors and are optional for the surveyors.

The surveyors must take extreme safety measures to be safe in the field. They must put in all the effort to ensure they aren’t facing any danger. From wearing shoes with solid soles to a helmet, safety wear is a must-have for every surveyor.


Land surveying is a lucrative career option, and with the help of this modern equipment, the work becomes simplified. There are other tools, but these are the basic requirements for a land surveyor.