Growing A Beard

At some point in your life, you have questioned whether to grow your beard or not. The fashion trend is pointing towards a beardgrowthworld. During the lockdown, you might have decided why the heck not? After all, you can't get a good barber to do the shaving for you, right? Even recommends beads for men as it is trendy and provide the desired image most, especially if you get the best barber to do the shaping that fits your face perfectly.

The models and film stars are also not making it easy for us. Their beards are envious. They make you want to grow a beard overnight and be like them. But there's always a "but" somewhere. You doubt whether you will look as good as the celebrities you see rocking that beaded look you desire so much. You also wonder what your friends and colleagues will say.

However, you shouldn't sit on the fence for long. Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of growing your beard. They might help you decide.


#1. Warmth

Your facial hair will help you keep warm in the cold winter months.

#2. Skin Condition

If you have skin sensitivity to the cold, a beard will come in handy and help you cover your skin from the wintry weather.

#3. Sex Appeal

Women will clamour around you if you spot the best bead shape. You never know with a beard, you might just be the next women's celebrity in your region.

#4. Variety

There are several styles to choose from when you finally decide to go for a beard. There would be goatees, stubbles, side buns, and so many other looks if you choose the right barber. However, it much depends on your face shape.


#1. Maintenance

Grooming a beard, primarily if you are not used to one, can be a daunting task. It is a process that takes time and considerable effort. If you don't have a heart for it, you might get fed up and give up.

#2. Growing it

It will take you months and effort to grow that beard. Every day you may find yourself questioning whether to shave it off. You will itch a lot because growing hair accumulates dirt, dead skin cells, and probably dehydration. The first two weeks or sometimes up to the first two months can spur irritation that can change your mind.

#3. Beard Color

Your facial hair colour might grow differently from what you want it to be. For example, blond-haired men can grow ginger beards, and brunettes could grow greybeards. It is quite challenging to know what your beard colour may grow into. However, this is a problem a barber can rectify.

#4. Career

You need to ask yourself if your career allows beard growth. Catering and medical fields may not allow you to grow a beard. If you must, they will require you to groom it well and cover it up while at work. Ask yourself if this is a hustle you are willing to take up in those fields.

If you are decided on a beard route, you can follow a few guidelines below:

Start your beard growth when on holiday so that your colleagues won't keep asking you if you forgot to shave. Questions like these may only make you want to forgo your beard journey.

Tell your spouse or partner about your beard growth journey. They may just give the support you need for your beard growth.

Don't let people's reactions get to you. Those are just their reactions.

When you decide to grow your beard, make sure you start anew. Clean shave your face and make sure it is correctly treated before you begin building a beard. This way, you avoid early signs of irritation.

Give your beard time to grow, be patient with it. However, if your facial hair is thicker and grows faster, you can get it trimmed as soon as you notice you are developing a rounded face.

Yes, you can trim your beard for yourself. But for your first trim, go to a professional. Get a professional barber to cut and shape your beard for you. You will not regret the results.

Take care of that itch by using a tea tree shampoo. It is very natural for your beard to itch no matter how clean you keep it. If the craving gets too much, use moisturizers and beard oil. Some men prefer not to have shiny facial hair, so they would instead use beard oil. The good news is that you can use it in the evening when you are home or at night. During the day, you can apply moisturizer. A perfect beard growth kit can potentially serve you with all the required products.
Once you have started on the beard journey, don't give up. You never know, you might just get Alvaro Morte's look or Chadwick Boseman.


Growing a beard requires you to be patient and persistent. You must also upgrade your grooming because beads accumulate a lot of dirt.