Building a healthy corporate culture that fosters teamwork is going to be a vital component of any organization if you want to ensure it’s long-term success. Making sure that your employees are getting along and have established good communication lines is vital so that when challenges arise, people know how to work through these problems. 

This is why it is important that you produce company workshops and conferences to help bring everyone closer together. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your event goes well, you will need to partner with an event planner.

Contacting Event Planners

Corporate event planning is a specific type of service offered by event planners to help companies better organize their event. One common practice performed by an event planner is meeting with clients to arrange your event. For instance, a conference planner should understand the nature of the event including the dates, locations, budget, theme, and the type of speaker you want to obtain. They are also usually contracted to provide a full range of services including selecting your venue and booking a public speaker.
Selecting Your Speakers
This topic is of great importance for your company and the event planner as the success of your event greatly depends on this. The speakers you hire will be in charge of capturing the attention of your attendees and keeping them engaged. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting your speaker:
1. The first point you should keep in mind is to define the purpose of your event or conference. This way, you can define the speaker that will be the best option for you.
2. Then you must define who your audience will be. Depending on this  point, you will know if you need a motivational keynote speaker like the ones found here, or if you need a speaker with more age and experience.
3. You should know what presentation style you want for your event or conference. If the conference lasts approximately 30 minutes, do not look for a speaker of 60 minutes or more.
4. What type of personality fits your conference or event? If your audience is conservative, you will need a speaker with a more demure personality. While if the attendees are young, an avant-garde speaker will be a good option.
By taking into account the above points, you will have an idea of ​​how to choose a keynote speaker that suits your needs. If you are not sure which speaker will be best for your event, you might want to consider contacting a speakers bureau. Here is a list of some of the best speaker bureaus you might want to work with.
Selecting Your Event Format
There are various formats in which your event planner can help you coordinate. Some of them include annual meetings, company picnic, conferences, holiday parties, public events, retreats, sales meetings, seminars, trade shows, workshops.

Annual Meeting

Some companies hold one major meeting per year. However, the corporate event must be organized several months in advance. Thus, a corporate event planner can help make the yearly event special for each attendee.

Company Picnic

Food is a central part of a company picnic and an event planner can help select a caterer with the best food based on fair value. For example, a planner may suggest a food contest for the best desserts.
Conferences can be time-consuming to organize. From designing marketing materials to verifying the number of conference participants, a planner can provide an organized conference experience.

Holiday Parties

Company employees work hard during the year so a company may reward employees with a holiday party. It provides a good way for employees who do not see each other ofter to reconnect.

Public Events

Special events may require the services of a corporate event planner. For instance, the grand opening of a store can be handled under the guidance of an event planner.


Some retreats may be held for a weekend while other retreats are held for a week. A company may want to hold the retreat in a quiet location. The corporate event planner can research retreats with peaceful surrounding locations.

Sales Meetings

A sales meeting allows top sales performers to receive well-deserved company recognition. A planner can advise the best location which helps a company concentrate on maintaining a strong sales team.


A corporate planner can research and schedule the best speakers for a seminar while remaining within budget.

Trade Shows

A trade show exhibit provides an important reflection on the quality and image of a company. A company may be willing to pay top dollar for a planner to determine the best display options.


Workshops may be held on different days and an event planning can verify the space rental and location.
Corporate event planners are highly qualified professionals who can save time and money. A planner allows a company to concentrate on managing a business.