Trademarks are a legally protected form of identity for your company and can be a name, logo, slogan or other device used to distinguish your business from others in the same market. You can trademark your logo across many different markets, even ones you are not currently in, to help you expand your audience and your product lines. The benefits to getting trademarks on your business and your products or services vastly outweigh the costs and you can even get the help of an attorney to choose which trademarks to seek, fill out the necessary forms and enforce your rights to the trademark in court.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

If you ask just about any successful entrepreneur what is the first thing you should do for your company, he or she is likely to tell you to protect your intellectual property through trademarks, copyrights and patents. You can get the help of an Utah trademark attorney to look through your business plan or product lines to see which things would benefit most from this type of protection. If someone tries to make money off these ideas, your attorney can help you stop their use of them and sometimes even secure you compensation.

Provide Easier Communication

Trademarks do not even have to include words as the logos of many global corporations have shown, but they can ease communication when your company moves into markets with a different language. The bigger your company gets, the more of an audience will recognize your logo and brand, even if they do not understand the language. This makes it easier for you to reach customers in a foreign market and can even get domestic clients to stop scrolling through social media and read posts containing your trademark.

Are Easily Identifiable Marketing

Not only do trademarks make communication easier as you move into new markets, they are easily identifiable to your entire audience. This can make finding storefronts easier, ensure that customers click on your listing in an online search, and help make advertisements clearer across platforms. This helps you stand out in the market, even when it is crowded with the competition. You can even put your trademarked logo on promotional items such as hats, cups or pens to increase marketing and incentivize sales.

Remain Cost Effective for Years

Trademarks are relatively inexpensive to get and last up to a decade before you must renew them. This makes it possible to have multiple trademarks for your company’s brand, popular products and essential services. It also makes it easier to get the same trademarks in different countries and regions as you expand into those areas. When you weigh the costs against the benefits, you can see a good return now and a better return as your company gains audience and popularity in various markets.

Ease the Recruiting Process

Recruitment and hiring of the best talent can be a challenge when that talent does not know who you are. The more identifiable your logo and brand, the more desirable it is for candidates to apply with your company. Adding your trademark to job postings, for example, can gain interest from those qualified for the positions as well as family and friends who can bring the listing to their attention. If your market is full of people with good feelings towards your company, and who see your trademark on various platforms, you are more likely to have employees proud to work for your company and increase your retention rate as well as your productivity.

Working with a trademark law firm can help you get the intellectual property protection your company needs to thrive. A brand name, logo or other device which has been trademarked can be easier for your audience to recognize in advertisements, search engine results pages and social media, which can drive more traffic to your products and services. Since these are relatively inexpensive and only need to be renewed every ten years, trademarks are an excellent investment for your company.