If you are a new rider, buying a motocross gear is not only confusing but also can put your health at stake as well. Beware of these newbie mistakes when buying a motocross gear for the first time.

Riding without MX boots

The biggest mistake a rider can do is purchasing jerseys and pants before getting the essential protective gear. Of course, the jerseys and pants look cool and are way more fun to choose and buy but this is not the case when looks should go first. Motocross boots give you the crucial support which is required to bear any sudden impact or twist during a ride. After all, broken ankles aren’t no fun. That doesn’t mean that you should spend a small fortune as any motocross-specific boots will do their job. In order to add more protection to your knees and legs, choose knee braces to wipe out the chances of any damage.

A poorly fitted helmet

Buying a helmet that doesn’t fit like it’s made for your head is a major mistake that is very common among beginners. Never ever buy a helmet that just doesn’t fit. If the helmet is too tight or loose, it cannot provide the protection at the same level. 

Not choosing the right gear for your discipline

A rider should select the gear based on the specifics of his discipline as that plays a huge role not only for their comfort but safety as well. If you are a motocross racer, then you should purchase a lightweight, ventilated gear to bear your long sessions. If you want to go and explore trails and terrains, look for a gear that has an endure-specific options.

Choose the motocross gear which makes your ride more comfortable and lasts for years. Getting high-end motocross specific gear offers the highest level of comfort to the bike owner. The lightweight, enhanced moisture control, breathable material will simply make your days on a dirt bike way more pleasant. A good gear is not just long-lasting but also tough and can withstand all the pressure and force of a hardcore riding.

Riding without graphics

If you are motocross owner, then you cannot leave your bike blank without any graphics. Have you ever seen a winner in a track that has no motocross graphics on it? Us neither, therefore it is very important to buy high quality, long-lasting dirt bike graphics which showcase your personality and dedication to motocross. Without that, your dirt bike will get lost in the crowd of many others.

How to buy a gear that fits:

When you buy pants, it is important to consider the waist size and length. A fit that is too tight may cause discomfort as motocross demands unlimited freedom to your movements.

You also need to get knee braces or knee pads which you can wear with your gear as knee injuries are very common. The knee braces should feel comfortable enough while providing the highest level of protection during the race.

Selecting the right jersey is a simple procedure. If you are wearing a chest protector, make sure it easily fits under the jersey. The rest is just choosing the design that matches your ride the best.