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If you are planning to go for shading for your home, there are two options for you: Interior or indoor shading and exterior or outdoor shading. Now, it is you who have to decide which side you want to favour, but if you ask an expert, the answer would be in favour of the latter. We will discuss some of the reasons why exterior shading is the right choice for you. Along with that, we will also discuss the types of exterior shades you can choose for your home. Stay tuned! 

Why Avoid Sun Rays?

The greenhouse effect is no more a word that you can take lightly. The world is becoming hotter than ever and the sun protection, especially in summers is the need of the hour. Now, the construction of buildings and rooms can significantly affect the development of your room temperature and you need to stop it or at least decide the amount of heat entering your home. Short wave sun rays enter through your window glass panels and make the room hot and as the room heats up, these short wave sun rays turn into long wave heat days and cause greenhouse effect which raises the room temperature to a certain extent. These sun rays can be ventilated back in the air only through the air conditioning system or at night when the temperature goes down.

What Will Shading on the Outside of the Window Prevents?

It prevents heat accumulation. When you have installed exterior shading on your windows, it offers a good and very healthy indoor climate as the sun rays first hit the sun protection. Now, most of the sun rays are absorbed by it and then heated by them. What happens to the remaining sunlight? It either passes through the windows or get reflected. The end result is your room is protected from severe strong heating. In addition to that, you don't need to darken your room for that. The efficiency of these exterior shades is excellent thanks to the automatic control system.

What are the Benefits of Sun Shadings Systems?

In summers, temperature generally rises in Australia to a great extent, sometimes 30° to 35°C and exterior shadings can come to your rescue to keep the room temperature in control. There are some unparalleled advantages of these exterior shading such as: 

Sun Protection

The sun shade system can offer you UV rays protection to a great extent and can protect you from sun strokes too. All you need to do is to go for exterior shading for the windows or the deck and that will be all. Some of the sun shading systems are operated electrically and offer you convenience too. 

Indoor Outdoor Flow

When you add a sun shading system in your exterior area, you can bring the indoors outside and make your living area large and extended. You can add a pergola or an opening louvre roof. 

Lower Energy Bills

Sun shading systems don't just protect you from the hot UV rays, but also reduce your energy bills to a great extent. When you have installed outdoor blinds on your windows, you don't need to make any extra efforts to keep your room cool. You might not need to turn on AC to have the peace of mind. 

Offers a Perfect Outdoor Ambience

If you want to make a style statement through your home, adding sun shading systems can help you to make one. It will give an architectural and aesthetic appeal to your home and improve the overall ambience of your home. 

What Happens When Sun Rays are Avoided?

When you don't allow hot sun rays to enter your premises, you can keep the room cool, comfortable and liveable. You also might end up saving your electricity bills, especially in summers. Summers will no longer irritate you as you have a mechanism for the get UV rays protection. There are several benefits you can earn when you have exterior shading in place to stop hot sun rays from entering your home.

Best Shades for Blocking UV Rays

Fabricated Roman Shades

These blinds offer a high level of sophistication and elegance to your property and block up to 95 to 98% UV rays and in addition to that, offer superior insulation too. It is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality and you can pre-program them as per your preferences and choices such as the time of the day, the position of the sun or the temperature outside.

Skylight Window Shades

During summer, your rooms become much hotter and unpleasant, you will feel irritated in your home. However, with skylight window shades will prevent the excess sunlight and block all unwanted rays. 

UV Blocking Curtains

You might question me about the authenticity of this topic. As we know curtains offer an unparalleled look and pleasant elegance, but UV protection? Well, the answer can be yes if you have chosen the right material. For example, blackout curtains will offer you complete protection against those harmful UV rays. You can also layer them with other window treatments such as folding arm awnings or blinds. Apart from UV ray protection, folding arm awning provides a various benefits.

Cellular Honeycomb Blinds

You cannot change your window shadings every year as it is the one-time investment. Now, when you want to get protected from UV rays throughout the year, you can go for cellular honeycomb blinds that don't just offer complete UV protection, but also offer a great ambience and look to the room.


Rather than choosing for indoor or interior shading, going for exterior shading is way more sensible and practical decision due to many reasons. Keep yourself cool and healthy in hot summer and protect your family too by installing these exterior shades. 

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