chic raw silk lehenga designs.

When you think about outfits, you methodically categorise them into style, trends, the type of events you’d wear them to, what colours highlight your physical features and a thousand other aspects. You end up spending so much time deciding what to buy because who doesn’t want to look great at every event? Who doesn’t want to be the centre of attention for a night, have all eyes on you? A good outfit can make a huge difference in your self-confidence, communication with people and can generally make you feel great.

This is why owning a raw silk embroidered lehenga can make you fall in love with Indian Clothing. Most of us probably associate lehengas to drab clothing or exquisite apparel meant to be worn only to weddings or other traditional Indian settings. We’re asking you why you have to limit yourself with wearing only the finest, heaviest and grandest lehengas when you could spruce up practically any set into various styles and outfits for any imaginable occasion. 

Raw silk lehengas have long forgone being wedding dresses for bridesmaids and kids and are becoming a very trendy and popular outfit. You can never have too many of them but you can’t have too few either! So if you’re considering buying a raw silk lehenga choli, then look out for all the different ways you can style and accessories them.

Long silk lehengas with couture blouses:

For an elegant and majestic look, pair a raw silk embroidered lehenga with a saree choli or a designer blouse. You can have a heavily embroidered skirt with an effortless and plain couture blouse or you wear a lightly embroidered skirt and pair it with multiple blouses, flared skirts, and dupattas. 

To sizzle up the look, even more, you can keep both blouse and lehenga heavy and accessorise it with big jhumkas, a bare neck along with a pair of this or wedding heels. If you are looking for more coverage, tie around a flimsy dupatta or a messed one around your waist, across your shoulder. 

Backless Lehenga:

You can use any plunging back or backless saree blouse to achieve this look. Pair a plain pleated silk lehenga with a backless blouse with embellishments or frills. Opt for a blouse with a simple front and spruce it up with a thick choker necklace or even a simple multi-layer chain, as per your preference. 

If you want a more family function appropriate look, drape your dupatta around like a saree or simply fling it across your neck. Accessorise this with a long sling clutch and some open-toed sandals or stilettos and simple hoop earrings. Even a pair of fine dangling earrings would make your outfit look stunning. 

Anarkali on Lehenga:

The best part of owning a lehenga is that you could pair it practically with anything. A new trend that’s become popular is to ditch the blouse and wear an Anarkali with a silk lehenga skirt. You could also use a long tapering slit top. For this look, ideally, you’d want to wear a straight or A-line silk lehenga. 

If you own a solid-coloured lehenga with gold or silver embroidery, you can pair this skirt with multiple types and shapes of anarkalis, kurtis, and long tops. Choose a centre split top over a side-split one to avoid your outfit looking overwhelming. Pair this look with a silk top or cotton-silk blend for a chic and effortlessly beautiful finish. Accessorise this outfit with a long clutch, bellies, or flats and some simple bangles that match the colour of your embroidery. 

Sabyasachi style of dupatta-lehenga:

Sabyasachi’s lehenga designs come with long cascading dupattas along and a variety of choices of how to style the lehenga. If you’re looking for bridal wear, you can always draw inspiration from these designs and imply it with a simpler plain silk lehenga skirt, a couture blouse, and a long dupatta that you can let taper down one side. 

You can also tie it across your waist and shoulder or a loose fall from the front dupatta which keeps the head covered and hands-free. Depending on the level of traditional or modern you’re aiming for, you can style your long dupatta lehenga choli. 

Crop top over Lehenga:

This one is a crowd favourite seeing how every girl owns a crop top for which they’ve never found the perfect outfit or occasion to wear. Give your lehenga a modern yet graceful look by pairing a raw silk lehenga skirt with any crop top you own. You can use a solid ribbed top, an off-shoulder or single shoulder crop to, a tube top paired with a traditional short jacket and so much more. You simply have to own one or two skirts and you can wear them with half of your wardrobe. 

The best part about this look is that you can accessorise it with practically anything. Whether you want to wear huge Indian jewellery or elegant modern jewellery, you have complete liberty to style this look according to your preferences. 

You could spend hours deciding the kind of look you’re going for, but never could you go wrong with styling a simple raw silk lehenga choli. Not only that, but it’ll also be a fun experience for you to try out everything in your closet you never thought you’d wear! 

If you’re ever confused, you could look up a hundred different videos on how to style your lehengas on YouTube. You can watch these to identify what you have in your closet and buy a few lehenga sets that your wardrobe could really use!