Signs and Health Effects

It is common to see some people brag about how they binge drink and nothing happens to them. This is wrong, truth be told. Binge drinking and heavy consumption of alcohol is wrong and should not be encouraged. Not to mention that they might be suffering from severe alcohol addiction.

Binge drinking means consuming a lot of alcohol in a short period of time. In the case of a man, it is consuming at least five drinks in a span of two hours. Any man that binge drinks may need alcohol rehab.

In the case of a woman, it is consuming at least four drinks in a span of two hours. Rehabilitation may be needed for a female that falls under this category.

Consequences of Binge Drinking

It is important for anyone that is dependent on alcohol to go for alcohol rehab. Those that binge drink tend to have headaches, nausea, and so on. Before you know it, they are dealing with hangover effects. In the end, they may have intense liver issues. There are short term effects of drinking and long term effects. Both are dangerous.

Short Term Effects Of Drinking

When you drink a lot, you may notice the following short term effects:
  1. Nausea. The feeling of nausea is something that no one craves for, as it can haunt you.
  2. Vomiting. If you drink a lot, you may end up vomiting. No one wants to be in this state.
  3. Headaches. You have to deal with intense headaches that can leave you begging for mercy.
  4. Slurred speech. Drinking a lot leaves you speaking incoherently. You may end up saying things that you had no plan of saying.
  5. Bad judgment. You start making decisions that you may end up regretting.
  6. Anxious. Drinking is known to bring about anxiety in the short term, and it is not funny.
  7. Sleeping issues. Have you ever stayed up awake begging sleep to come? Drinking a lot could give you that.
  8. Poor concentration. It is common to see people not being able to concentrate.
  9. Losing memory. It is common to see people that drink a lot suffering from memory loss.
  10. Issues with breathing. Before you know it, you are having issues with breathing.

Long Term Effects

There are a lot of long term effects that go to those that drink a lot.
  1. Cancer.
  2. Damage to their brain.
  3. Heart issues
  4. Issues with their immune system.
  5. Liver ailments.
  6. They start harming themselves.
  7. They have to deal with ulcers.
  8. They may get involved in accidents.

Alcohol and Sleep

Regular drinking can make a huge difference to your quality of sleep, making you feel unrested and sluggish a lot of the time. This is because alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle. You cannot get a deep enough sleep to enter REM sleep whilst under the influence, which is needed to feel refreshed the next day.

Having several sleepless or disrupted nights consecutively will have an impact on your mental health. It can affect your mood, concentration levels, and even your decision making skills.

Lots of people believe that an alcoholic beverage can help send them off to sleep, whilst it can help you nod off, even a small amount can affect the quality of the sleep you’re getting.

When you drink more alcohol than usual, you might have to get up more often in the night to use the toilet. This isn’t just down to the extra liquid you’re consuming too. Alcohol is a ‘diuretic’ meaning that it actually encourages the body to rid itself of extra fluid. This can cause night sweats too.

Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning can occur when you drink a large amount of alcohol in a short space of time. The amount of alcohol in the blood stream stops the body from working properly. The effects this can cause include the following:
  • Slowing down the function of the brain, causing you to lose your balance. Irritating the stomach which will cause nausea and vomiting.
  • Affecting the nerves which control your breathing and heartbeat.
  • Dehydrates the body.
  • Lowers your body's temperature which can cause hypothermia.
  • Lowers the blood sugar levels in the body, risking brain damage.