Social Media Marketing
It can be hard to stand out in social media these days especially when you are selling cars.

When choosing a car dealer, 75% of vehicle buyers say searching the internet, including social media reviews, are the most valuable means.

We've gathered some of the best and innovative social media marketing ideas to help car dealerships stand out on social media and win more customers.

Rather than following the same old auto dealership marketing strategies on social media, consider these innovative ones:

1. Make People Like You With ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ Content

One of the keys to successful marketing is likability – people do business with people they like.

For people to like you, they need to be familiar with you and what you offer. To achieve this, make and share behind-the-scenes videos of your car dealership.

Examples of videos you could post are videos of you carrying out repairs, showing how-to videos, a day in the office, and so on. 

2. Tap Into the Fear of Missing Out With Contests and Promotions

No one likes missing out on good deals. Use this to your advantage by organising social-specific promotions and contests.

Be innovative and honour your social followers either on your Facebook profile or other social media networks with competitions and contests.

The appeal of cash prizes or a free car will attract interested visitors from all over your locality. Your salespeople can take charge from there and demonstrate to attendees how it feels to be behind the wheels of their dream car.

3. Tell Stories With Videos

Are you just promoting your cars with pictures and short explanations of the model highlights on social media? If so, you’re missing out on a very powerful device that can help you build brand loyalty: video.

People love watching videos online. These days, we all have powerful video cameras in our pockets which come in the form of smartphones, and they can be used to your advantage as a car dealer.

So, try to make short, 30-second videos of the cars you sell talking about their amazing features, why the particular cars were made, the needs they met, and so on. Then post the video on your social media pages and your website.

Make sure the videos look professional. If that’s too technical for you, you can always hire a trusted car dealership digital marketing agency to help you out. Remember, the first impression is key. 

4. Turn Your Customers Into “Ads”

Make your customers the ad. This is one brilliant way to keep your social media marketing cost low while winning more customers.

How? Enlist your customers to create a video testimonial and share it on social media.

You will experience spike traffic when you upload such videos because the customer will share the video with their social network as well.

Thinking this way not only helps you come up with some interesting ideas, but the consumers will be enthusiastic as well and help you in sharing and promoting the video.

5. Demonstrate Competence by Hosting an AMA Series

Many car buyers don’t know what they really want.

So, they always choose car dealerships that seem to their stuff and can make honest recommendations based on their peculiar needs. Stay ahead of the pack by hosting an AMA series.

AMA means Ask Me Anything, it’s a popular feature on Reddit. In an AMA series, businesses have an excellent opportunity to connect and enlighten their followers.

The audience asks questions which are answered by the expert. This is a perfect way to see what matters to your fans while sharing experience and skills in your field.

You don't necessarily have to use Reddit to host an AMA, major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are just as good. 

6. Leverage Facebook Marketplace

Wondering what Facebook Marketplace is and how it works? Facebook Marketplace is a multi vendor platform where businesses can post their products for sale.

As a car dealer, you can post your inventory free of charge and access a huge population of buyers.

Facebook Marketplace can be an invaluable tool for car dealers who use one of Facebook's inventory partners to reach customers who are ready to buy now. And you can chat with buyers directly and lead them down the sales path.

7. Share DIY Tutorials

There are some car repairs that consumers can carry out from home. While your service centre would be happy to help clients with any of their automotive problems, creating small social media tutorials will help clients achieve this on their own.

Common DIY tutorials may include: how to fix a flat tire, how to replace windshield wipers, how to check oil, how to replace headlights or taillights, how to clean up cloudy headlights, and so on.

Take the time to talk to your repair and service team about what topics they think would best help clients.

Final Words

Everyone wants to stand out, but not many are willing to do their homework. It just doesn’t work that way.

No matter how simple all these ideas are, you have to do the hard work of implementing them. That’s the only way to stand out and win clients on social media.