Online streaming platforms have taken the world by a storm. A few years ago, not many people were aware about these streaming services as people did not know about its potential. In recent times, streaming platforms like hbo and many others have taken up a fight with entertainment industries of movies.
What is online streaming?
Streaming means the continuous relay of audio and video files from any specific server to the receiver. In other words, streaming is something that happens when the client watches any shows, movies, or listen to podcasts and music on Internet-based devices.

Online streaming can be performed on various devices that can be connected to the internet. Right from your smart phone, smart TV, laptops, computers, play stations, Xbox and many more devices support online streaming. Only few streaming services like HBO are compatible with majority of the devices.

How does online streaming work?
Streaming media works on a very basic concept. When the client requests any show to be streamed on his or her device, the service provider places the file on the server for some designated amount of time as per the user’s package. Due to this the client can play any of their favourite shows on any of the device the client feels comfortable on.

Pros and Cons of streaming services: -
Pros: -
  1. Clear sound and picture quality: - A great advantage of using an online streaming platform like HBO and Netflix is that you get a great experience in terms of sound and picture quality. Unlike theatres and TVs, we get much more freedom and adjust these factors according to our needs. In theatres, sometimes some people might feel sound to be very loud and picture quality to be distorting. But while using any streaming platform, you don’t have to face any problem like this.
  2. Instant Viewing Experience: -  Another advantage of using a streaming platform is that you can request to view any movies or shows, irrespective of their time of release, anytime. There is no trouble of waiting in long ticket lines in theatres or see those annoying advertisements during a movie on TV. 
  3. No downloading: - This is a big advantage of using a streaming platform. To see any show that consists of more than 100 episodes might be extremely difficult for most of the people. Hence, using these platforms will definitely safe a lot of your storage as well as your internet data. Along with that you can watch anything with highest quality without worrying about the storage.
  4. Piracy protection: - Using an OTT platform like HBO means that the user needs to subscribe to the services provided by them by paying them some amount. This means that you are actually purchasing their service of entertainment at such a low cost. Also, the user can stream it online itself. Hence, there is no to very little chance of piracy.
  5. Multiple Streaming Options: - Online streaming platform has grown exponentially in recent times. There are more that thousands of OTT services that generate billions of dollars. The user has a vast variety of option while choosing their streaming service. Platforms like HBO, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have made their existence very clear and are going sharp in the market.
Cons: -
  1. Internet Connection issues: - The biggest problem that the user might face is the internet connectivity problems. Since all these streaming platforms works on the internet, it is very important to have a strong connection to get the best experience.
  2. Online vulnerability: - Since all these platforms are available online only, this makes them very vulnerable to online security threats. Cyber crime can happen on these platforms that asks you from your personal information including your bank details. Therefore, being alert and using 2-step verification is a must.

Bandwidth: -
Streaming platforms need sufficient bandwidth to play videos, specifically for higher quality. For example, HBO's streaming service requires an Internet speed of at least 5 Mbps for High Definition quality, 7 Mbps for "Super HD" quality, and 12 Mbps for 3D streaming.