Budapest is the capital of Hungary situated near the bank of the river Danube in Central Europe and ranks as one of the top tourist destinations in Europe.

We can easily reachhere from any corner of Europe and can also visit the neighboring countries (Austria – Vienna, Czech Republic-Prague, Slovenia, and Croatia – the Adriatic Sea). It takes only two hours flight to London from Budapest. The 23 districts of Budapest(kerület in Hungarian)are numbered clockwise, in expanding circles just like Paris' arrondissements.

There are 17 districts of pest, seven of which are located in the Centre. Districts V and VI are the most attractive areas for overseas buyers. Budapest is a city of landlords: less than one person in ten is inhabitant so mostly investors invest their money in central locations to target the demand for rental property.

The Inner City is the best choice for property buyers who plan to invest. Almost 90% of the Budapest flats rented out via Airbnb are located in this district.

The Property prices are highest in Belváros. One-bedroom apartments facing St. Stephen's Basilica and Liberty Square (Szabadság tér) can cost up to €350,000. 

The most expensive flats in District IV can cost up to €450,000 and are found near Andrássy Avenue (Andrássyút), the Champs Elysees of Budapest. It connects Heroes’ Square (Hősökter) to DeákFerenc Square (DeákFerenctér), which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Erzsébetváros is the smallest district, but also the most densely populated of Budapest. Its "Jewish quarter" 

There are also two universities in the District VII so there’s always demand for rentals.The district 9 is now an attractive investment destination where landlords make a profit on student rentals because of all the big universities are nearby.

The main neighborhood of District XIII in Budapest, nicknamed the "Land of Angels" in Hungarian, is a quiet and well-groomed part of the Hungarian capital that is popular with families. 

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Final word

The capital of Hungary attracts about 10,000,000 tourist yearly, which keeps increasing of 6% by year, with an average cost of 40€ for a night. What you get when you buy property in Budapest, No yearly real estate tax and tax free on the sales and value after 5 years. So, try to invest in property for sale in Budapest through the best real estate experts and dealers.