Homemade Barbecue Grill
Summer is approaching, and with that in mind, time to start thinking about grilling is also first approaching. All of us love cooking outdoors. It is so relaxing and is always a healthier option than cooking indoors. If you then love outdoor grilling, you should learn how to build one of your own.

The best thing about owning one is that you can build it from anything without costing a lot of money. I actually made my barbeque grill from a pile of bricks together with a cake cooling tray. It was terrific, and now I can use it at any time when need be.

The parts.

Here are the parts that are needed to build a homemade barbecue grill.

The base.

To make a base of a barbecue grill, you will need an old sewing machine stand. The old sewing machine stand is not the only option you can choose to work with. This is just ideal for a lot of people that are of the medium size. It also provides the best surface area for the grill.

The charcoal tray.

The tray measurements entirely depend on the measurements of the bricks you are going to use plus how large you want your cooking area to be. Coming up with the right measures for the bricks helps you keep the charcoal in one place, it will also give you the flexibility that you need in that you will be able to create a small ring when you only need a small fire. Attaining the right dimensions will also act as a heat store.

The Cooking rack.

This is the most challenging thing to come up with when you are building the grill on your own. You can always ask for some help from the blacksmith in joining a rectangle that is made from a steel mesh then later welded into a piece of tube that is then welded to the height adjustment. 

The measurements of a rectangle do not have to be as large as your tray, as long as it will overlap the bricks.

The height adjustment.

This is the final part that you will use to build a homemade barbecue grill. To get complete control of the charcoal heat, you will have to grease it properly. Also, to make sure that your cooking rack drops when the jack is compressed, use a counterbalance.

The steps involved in preparing your homemade barbecue grill.

The only way you should start cooking anything using a barbecue grill and grates is by ensuring that they are clean and ready for the action. Preparing the grill will really make a difference in your results.

Empty any old ash

A heap of old ashes can bring a lot of challenges, mostly when you need to regulate your barbecue grill temperatures. This heap can get in the way of the vents, which helps in managing the temperatures.

Please dispose of the ash by putting it in the bag and then throwing it into the trash.

Attach the grill grates

After constructing the base from some old chain-link fence and scrap plywood so that your barbecue grill can be portable, you have to attach the lid and the amp to make the grill gates. Put on some brackets that will help in holding the grills together and then keep the top from dropping inside. 

Also, add a lower rack that will hold the coals together and circulate inside.

Preheat your grill grates

Before you start burning the grill grates, heat the inside to get rid of the paints or any coatings. Preheating the grill grates is essential since your food won’t stick on the grates once you start burning it.

Oil the grill grates

This is a step a lot of people tend to assume. Using your tongs, compress your paper towel and then soak it in a bit of cooking oil. Oil the cooking grill gates by using the tongs. This makes your grill ready, and now you can add some of your food and start cooking it.


As we have seen, building your barbecue grill is as easy as making anything. If then you are looking forward to adding a grill into your backyard, you can visit cozydownhome.com for any question or the best way to quickly build one.

Don’t let anything stand in your way of making your barbecue when you have all the information on how to do it efficiently.