In Italy, a start-up is making tourism more sustainable by putting-up units designed for experiential tourism. 

All the while, pre-fab containers are becoming the preferential choice of temporary sites in the field of construction as well as temporary shelters for emergency needs or in case of events like the coronavirus, when hospitals needed to be enlarged for a few months.

Pre-fab Container Shelters: A Market on the Rise

There are many reasons why containers used as shelters have become so popular for all kind of temporary purposes. 

Today, modular home comes in a kit which can be delivered anywhere in the world and assembled extremely rapidly, which is something that is usually necessary in cases of emergency situations. 

Modular prefab shelters can be adapted to many special needs as well, including technical requirement such as resistance, insulation or air conditioning. That way, they can be used for many more various uses than before.

For companies needing specific dimensions, the pre-fab shelters can be made to fit precisely the need of the customers. And just like a real container that takes to the sea on large boats, they can protect anything that is inside them, as they are resistant to any weather. 

But most importantly, they can be taken down once their use is over and moved to another facility or location, making them one of the most ecological products in its category.

Temporary housing for tourists

The idea of creating pre-fab housing for tourists in Italy came to the mind of two architects from Turin: Fabio Vignolo and Francesca Turnaturi. They called their idea “Immerso” because once you are in it, you are immersed inside the environment thanks to glass windows, walls and ceilings. 

Want to spend the night on a vineyard? They’ll prepare the pre-fab accommodation for you to do so. By a lake or at the foot of a volcano? No problem either, they will bring the house where you need it to be.

They also use this system for different special events such as wine tasting or outdoor yoga classes. Any specialists who need a covered environment, from which people can see all around them at the same time, can call upon their services. 

This is also perfect for people wanting to take pictures in the middle of a natural habitat. And again, these structures can be undone, once the season or the event is over, leaving absolutely nothing behind, fully protecting nature.