Many of us shiver at the slight mention of fake plants or the idea of using it. Because Just thinking of these fake plants full of dust for room decor makes people like me sneeze. Though, as a child of the ’90s, I know that many home decoration ideas with fake plants flourished in the ’90s. Hats off to those who like to put their valuable energy, and time to do Floral, indoor Bonsais, even outdoor plants. But, we’re now living in 2020, and artificial plants for home décor become so much better, also you don’t need to maintain them or stress out to keep them alive.

Fake plants are great while it looks real, and feels real at the same time. So let’s find out some best home decoration ideas with fake plants in 2020.

Fake Flowers for Energy Boost

To enhance the beauty of your room décor, fake flowers can be an excellent idea. There are many styles from vivid-color collection to single soothing color bouquets as fake flowers to modify any place. Those who want to keep exotic and difficult to maintain flowers in their bedroom forever; the fake versions would be a great solution. Place them with a hanging pot to give them an authentic look. Be cautious to avoid artificial features like plastic water droplets or glitter on the flowers

Potted Plants for Dining Room

Dining rooms are full of empty corners, and potted silk plants or topiary can be an excellent choice to feel them up. Adding some artificial plants will help a lot to bring color and texture on those empty corners. 

Fake Ivy on the Wall

Silk Ivy is a very popular room decor plant that looks great hanging on the wall. Cabinets, book-selves, wardrobes are nice places to put a silver ivy on. It adds a creative touch on that dull furniture. To give some real touch, you can hang this ivy from pots, window shields or let them strangle in ladders. Putting a bunch of ivy’s around corners will make your hidden garden. It's kind of the best fake plant for decoration also.

Beautify Your Entrance

Yes, your entrance is the most important part of your house, and it is nice to decorate it with plants without having the rooting problem. Implementing some nice fake plants would be a great choice.

Bar Cart Decoration

Plants can easily mimic soothing effects in rough edges. You can turn your bar cart into something magical, something like a garden. In the modern apartment, a bar cart is an easy material to show off the indoor garden, and it would be more stress-free if done with fake plants. This greenery can glow your dull awkward bar cart.

Artificial Palm around Sofa

A room full of light is always ideal to portray some palm tree to bring some of that islander’s vibe. Flanking your sofa with a polished fake palm tree is a wonderful idea. Because of its size and loftiness, they are very good for indoors. Moreover, if your budget is tight, and wants quality over quantity, a single or double piece of artificial palm can be the right plant for your drawing room.

Basket or Decorative Vase

Artificial plants always go well with vases and baskets. Terra cotta pot, cut drums or Concrete Square, whatever you choose will be a cool option. Take your freedom, and mix-up color, texture or design of your liking.

Artificial plants are the best option for decorating homes and other living spaces, and these are some widespread ideas of how someone can embellish their places. However, you can always be creative with your imagination and beautify your condominium. Find some cool companies with the help of your friends or based on reviews, and adorn the place with the best fake plants available.