In the electronic age, we are on the lookout for a fast-performing device or gadget, which is trendy, convenient, a doer, and affordable. The kitchen is no different. We have our stock of appliances – microwave, coffee maker, egg boiler, dough kneader, juicer-mixer-grinder, pressure cooker. What about a rice cooker? A high-quality rice cooker purchase will start earning your compliments for the sumptuous rice pilaf it makes. But what if the family size is a family tree on the verge of expanding? Can the humble rice cooker make steaks, soups, and puddings at the same time? And keep rice warm for more hours, or does it need a reheat? Can it cook rice in less time? Now, isn’t that expecting too much of a rice cooker? If you are a rice lover, consider investing in this gizmo that will give you a perfectly cooked rice dish every time – whether it is for you or the flurry of guests that come in. 

Here are some points you should know while buying a Rice Cooker to enjoy a hassle-free experience for several years. Hey, do you know the name of the company that first introduced this popular kitchen device? It was Toshiba of Japan in 1955!



Just like any kitchen container, rice cookers are available in different measurements. And the good thing is that they don’t take much space in your kitchen. How to find out its capacity? The obvious way to check is the number of rice cups it can comfortably cook. Although the average capacity of a rice cooker is 1 to 6 litres, there are cookers with even higher capacity available. If you have a big-sized family of five to six people, then go in for a rice cooker of up to 5 litres of capacity.

Design Edge:

Ease of operation is the basic principle on which a Rice Cooker works. Most brands of electric rice cookers have a single touch operation. Just put rice, adequate water and allow the cooker to do its job. With new technologies coming in, there are advanced electric rice cookers armed with digital functions. Some intelligent features include ‘self-timer’ and ‘automatic warm’.

Measuring lines on the inside of the cooking pan is a plus point for those who don’t want to use a measuring cup. Also, look out for the steam vent in the lid as it helps prevent any bubbling over. 

Material Matters:

More than the exterior body, the material of the inner cooking pan counts when buying a rice cooker. Stainless steel material with a non-stick coating, and sometimes Aluminium is the first choice. Some prefer naturally non-stick pans made from clay or charcoal, which does away with the need for an artificial coating. 

Lid Me!:

The ecstasy of watching the rice fluff up in a rice cooker with a transparent lid is out-of-the-world. So, if you are eager to catch a glimpse of buckwheat noodles swimming in a spicy sauce, then an electric Rice Cooker will make life worth living! Now, in case, you are a stainless-steel lover, go in for a close-lid stainless steel lid.

Shut-off Feature:

Most rice cookers have this common function. Once the rice is ready, the cooker switch automatically changes to “Warm” mode. It saves you the time to run to the kitchen to find out when it is cooked. 

Multi-function capabilities:

No matter the size of your family, it is worth going in for a multi-purpose rice cooker. The multi-function not only cooks rice, but it also steams soups, pulses, vegetables, and non-vegetarian food. Choose a multi-purpose Rice Cooker depending on your need and requirement. A rice cooker with a steaming tray adds a feather to its core cooking function. Just insert a steaming tray with vegetables above the water level in the rice cooker. While cooking the rice, the released steam will also cook the vegetables. 

Ease of Cleaning:

An electric rice cooker is a kitchen gadget, so make sure the lid and the cooking bowl are dishwasher safe. Use water and sponge scrub to carefully remove the cooking bowl and the lid. The benefit of buying a cooker with aluminium, stainless steel or non-stick cooking bowl is the years of performance it gives.

Safety First:

When buying a rice cooker, give first preference to a reputed dealer, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do regular checks of the plug and socket for any crackling sound, burn marks or if it suddenly feels too hot to touch. Do not overfill the bowl with water or food. The power cord and socket should stay dry at all times. Also, make sure that the cooker is switched off and unplugged before it is cleaned. 

Warranty Period:

At the point of purchase or e-shopping site or the brand’s official website, make it a point to find out about the warranty period. Most brands offer a minimum 1-year warranty. Figure out whether there is any possibility of extension of warranty at extra cost. 

A rice cooker is not a daily purchase item. So, make it a point to carefully judge for yourself the brand make, product design, safety features, and pricing. Asking a sales associate for his suggestions and recommendations on a rice cooker at the time of purchase is a wise decision.