Freight Broker

Before we share with you the benefits of hiring a freight broker for your transportation business, we first need to explore the question of what a freight broker is. A freight broker is someone that arranges freight shipping between the carriers and shippers. In exchange, he will earn a small commission for expediating the transaction. There are numerous reasons why using the expertise of a transportation broker is useful, however most people would agree the top reason would be the efficiency of such a service. Efficiency is a critical factor to ensure that a company is thriving, therefore it is worthwhile considering the benefits that a third-party logistics agency can provide. If you are still not sure if such a service is the best thing for your company, then have a look at these five benefits of hiring a freight brokeras suggested by Pinnaclelogistics for your logistics company.

Saving Money, Resources, And Time

By making use of a freight broker, you basically have access to a shipping department without having to break the bank. You also will not have to spend money on audits, invoicing, or training. Enlisting the services of a freight broker, means reducing investment in equipment, computer systems, and buildings that you might have to purchase when shipping by yourself. Besides the business savings on expenses, 3PL’s can assist you with saving cash on the shipping expenses. The contacts and knowledge that freight brokers like Royalty Speed brings to the table can reduce rates that you would have as a one-off shipper. 


Contingent on your business requirements, the freight broker can offer you more or less capacity through your company’s standard sequence. This option provides a no stress work-related environment through all the seasons, ups and downs.

Experience And Knowledge

Freight brokers have experience in everything that is involved with the shipping industry since it is their primary responsibility. Working alongside one gives you access to their expertise regarding best practices and real-time experience. They are familiar with the most recent freight technology which can be incredibly beneficial to your business. They are experts that knows the best ways of securing loads with pre-qualified carriers in the company. Freight brokering agencies are your best option if you are looking for everything involved with transportation experience.

Present Business Relationships

Since the expertise of freight brokers lies within the shipping field, the contacts, and relationships they have could proof to be invaluable to you. They can arrange volume discounts and more affordable shipping costs. They can also give you access to capacity of internal shipping departments that would usually not be possible or could otherwise be too expensive. 

Being Part Of An Affiliation

In freight agent course they work with a freight broker to assist with building an affiliation. They mainly work for you; therefore, their best interest is putting your interests and needs first. If you succeed, it means they succeed. Their company expands when yours does, therefore when it boils down to assisting you and your company, they will do their best to make it happen. They are responsible for ensuring your shipments go from one point to another as seamlessly as possible.