Free NCERT Solutions

NCERT and CBSE, well, I know it's confusing. First, let's clear the basic concepts. NCERT stands for National Council For Educational Research and Training while CBSE Stands for the Central Board Of Secondary Education. The NCERT is an organization that publishes textbooks and CBSE 7

follows it's guidelines and textbooks. NCERT stress on making the concepts clear to the students rather than helping them memorize some stupid answers. These questions and guidelines are prescribed by NCERT and are valuable to students who want to go for the competitive exams. Generally, all India based exams are conducted by NCERT, therefore it would be wise if you follow these free NCERT solutions by Vedantu provided on their official websites.

These Free NCERT solutions provide students with all the explanations along with answers to the exercises present at the back of each chapter. The basic aim of these solutions is to help students clear their fundamental concepts regarding the chapter and the particular topic. These solutions will help study ts achieve a strong foundation on the subject and make the vision very clear, for this further pursuit of a specific subject. These solutions not only help a student clear their school exams but also help them prepare for the bigger battle, The IIT, NEET, JEE, etc national level competitive exams. This book even helps students pursuing IAS, IPS, IFS, and so on.

The NCERT solutions are available to the teachers for your first-hand knowledge but if by any chance you miss the opportunity, you can download the books from official NCERT sites free of cost. Attend life sessions held by teachers for further assistance apart from schools. For lower classes like 1 to 5, you might skip the solutions if you want, but from class 6, we recommend you follow the solutions carefully if you wish to gather knowledge and score good marks. 

How To Get Free NCERT Solutions?

You can get free NCERT Solutions from the internet after you download the files or the apps that provide these files. They have an official website to help students. You can download the app on your computer and download all the solutions easily. Or else you can download the APK file. Install it on your device and start enjoying it. You will get solutions from class 1 to class 12. Get solutions, exercises solved, references solved, etc that can help you.

You will also get solutions to the reference books from the internet which include RD Sharma, HC Verma, RS Aggarwal, etc. Get solutions to each and every subject. You will get solutions to English, maths, scene, social science, Bengali for class up to 5. From classes 6 to 13 you will get solutions for, geography, conscience, history, social science, physics, chemistry, biology, English, mathematics, economics, civics, and Bengali. Get solved and practice question papers for every class to become exam ready. Sample papers for class 9, 10, 11, and 12. You can also get previous years to question paper for class 10 and 12. These papers are solved and there to help you when you are unable to solve any question from the paper. 


These free NCERT Solutions are provided to the CBSE school teachers for better teaching techniques and purposes. You can get these solutions either from your teachers at school or self-service would be great if you truly want to score satisfactory marks in your final terms. NCeRT also has created guidelines for schools, teachers training is organized, study materials are provided to students at low cost, solutions to exercises are provided to teachers, etc. All of these facilities make CBSE schools the best of all.