English Test

One of the critical requirements in acquiring a spousal visa is by acing an English test. The exam often involves listening and speaking among partners. That’s not all. It’s also a chance to be at a vantage point while seeing to study or looking for work opportunities. English exam preparation is a significant motivational factor that you certainly don't want to pass by. Here's what you must know about the test.


During the interview process, you get to receive questions on particular topics that require your input. To ace your interview process, you need to listen carefully to every problem. It's often best to answer the questions in your wordings rather than trying to say something you haven't learned previously. During your exam preparation, you need to begin by practicing shorter sentences out loud. Get to speak about your hobbies, work-life or school life, drinking and eating habits, and your family, among other regular activities in the home frontier. 

Picture sequence

Here’s a test that requires one to elaborate on the story available in each sequence fluently. The beauty of the A2 English test is that you can get to use a non-electronic dictionary while taking notes in the preparation room. However, it would be best if you strived using the words that you are already conversant with, as looking up words is time-consuming. Picture sequence exams often enable n to tell their story's version using their notes. To pass the fluency bit, you need to write shorter sentences concerning the picture while in the preparation room. Take note of the keywords as well as phrases that will enable you to speak freely. The records often act as guidance to what you think about the picture story. 

The transactional dialogues

Get ready to have an informal conversation with an examiner in a role-play setting. You’ll have your role-card that you can read out as you speak to the examiner. While reading the cards, you need not be in a huff. Take time to understand the scenario and decide on what gets expected of you. Get to practice this bit with other friends who speak English much better. Get to learn about the polite informal language that various people within the society often practices. 

Communication dialogues

Here's where one gets to role-play a task with their partners. Both of you get an individual situation that needs dialogue. Each of the cards often has questions that require full answers. Thus, both participants get to answer each question that gets necessary of them. It's usually best to use polite, formal English when participating in communication dialogues.

If you aim at going to live or work in an English-speaking country, you need to be proficient with the language. That's why there's the provision of the A2 English test. Taking an English examination is a requirement by the immigration department, professional bodies as well as employers. Taking up the test is quite suitable for you as it often leads to the improvement of the ability to speak the language. Thus, get to have a better chance of interacting with native speakers as you become better in due course.