Decking Brisbane

Composite decking recently is very different from the initial composite products brought about in the 1990. The initial composite decking was full of problems not just in the product but also in terms of longevity and durability that it promised. Now composite decking is completely different and popular with good reason. Deck builders have built many decks using composite decking Brisbane products and the instance of this predicted, they will continue to rise for more info into this click here
  • Composite Decking Products - there are many reasons customers would choose composite decking products. Firstly it is eco friendly and is of growing concern to homeowners. Composite decking products save a lot of plastic and timber from landfill each year. It is now extremely durable and comes with a lengthy warranty period showing the confidence producers have in their products. Composite decking products are improving in aesthetics and their low maintenance durability and shows that they look terrific for longer periods. The manufacturers of composite decking products have improved them and now offer a far larger range of quality alternatives to hardwood Timber.
  • Recommended Use - there are many areas which are suitable for composite products. They include high traffic areas such as decking entrances, stairs and also around swimming pools. Composite decking products now include railings, decking boards and fascias .

Advantages Of Composite Decking Products -

Deck built with composite decking products shows the following advantages over a timber deck -
  • Resistant to damage termination.
  • Low maintenance required
  • Always looks good
  • It's never rots, split or crack or warp
  • Does not fade or scratch
  • Resistant to moulds
  • Lasts longer
  • Made from recycled materials
Composite decking materials are not structural and should be used only for decking and guardrail systems. One great advantage of composite decking is that it can be curved, to create unique deck designs.
  • Cost - once you decide how much you want to spend on a new deck, you have to think twice regarding composite versus Timber. Composite is more expensive and will cost you more to have a deck built. If you are adverse to maintenance, the products of composite decking will serve you better overtime.

Huge Advantages In Certain Areas

  • Bush Fire Prone Areas - Some composite decking is permitted in bushfire prone areas
  • Seaside Homes - composite decking products are ideal for seaside homes because they are not affected by the salt air.
  • Brisbane Deck Builders - Brisbane Deck builders take pride in their workmanship, the design and build functional, high quality and aesthetically pleasing decks for families all over Brisbane and its surroundings. They are fully licensed builders who have elected to specialise in deck construction and design. They are skilled in areas of the building and utilise all trades including Steelwork, concreting, carpentry, plumbing, painting, plastering electrical, roofing, tiling, cabinetry, installation of Windows, doors and screens. Drafting, design, Council approval, certification and home warranty insurance all these are included in their quoted prices. They are friendly, flexible and reliable. They leave the site tidy and clean each day. They complete the deck within the agreed time frame and for the quoted price.