Granny Flat Central Coast
Granny flat solutions are specialists focused only on the design and construction of high quality architectural granny flats. Granny Flat Solutions is a special division of a highly reputable business, based in the granny flat Central Coast, Australia. Their experience in the local area has built a reputation for being the Central Coast's leading granny flat builder, with a track record of providing clients with quality, excellence and reliable service every time. 

Because they understand everyone is different, they have tailored the service to provide flexibility to the clients with no compromise on function or style in each granny flat design. Central Coast granny flats builders create additional income on property through extra rental space, provide comfort for guests , a home for elderly relatives, or can be used as office space for a business man. Whatever your end goal, granny flat solutions have a unique and stylish design to suit you.

Five Common Questions When Building A Granny Flat At Central Coast -

If you are looking to bring senior family members close to home, create an additional income source as a rental property, create a guest house for friends and family or the perfect home office, granny flat solutions at Central coast have the knowledge and expertise to construct and design designer granny flat for your property. There are five common questions asked by the people to the team when they contact the office to make enquiries about granny flat solutions.

Can Granny Flats Get Approved Without Council Approval?

In many cases granny flats can be approved without Council approval. The NSW government in 2009 released the state environmental planning policy for affordable rental housing. This allows the property to build a second dwelling, also known as granny flat.

What Are The Requirements To Get A Flat Approved?

There are some basic requirements to get a granny flat approved by complying development these are -
  • Property must be residential
  • Block must be 450m2 or larger.
  • Maintainer 3 metre set back from the rear and 0.9 from the side boundaries for blocks less than 900 square metre.
  • The granny flat must be of 60 square metre
These are the minimum factors to get granny flat approved without Council approval, you can get a granny flat approved by Central Coast Council also. The traditional DA approval process through Council is slower than CDC, there is some flexibility allowed with some of the rules set out above.

How Much A Central Coast Granny Flat Costs?

The cost to build Central coast granny flat is based on the experience in the industry. On an average it cost between $120000 to $130000 for the design, approval and construction of a 60 square metre granny flat with 2 bedrooms. Flats with one bedroom range from $99000 - $110, 000 depending on the level and size of specification.

What Is Included In Granny Flat Solutions Services?

They provide a comprehensive contract which includes approval, design and construction. Granny flat solutions are one stop shop. They include all basic connections including water, power and sewer and a very comprehensive level of fit out. They include window furnishings, floor finishes, water tanks and even a clothesline and a letterbox as a part of their standard inclusions.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Granny Flat?

Once the design and approval process is completed, the construction process of slab on ground granny flat is completed in 12 weeks. The projects with a bearer and joist floor system, carports, attached garages or large timber decks, the build takes nearly 15 weeks.