Dating Red Flags

Online dating is a great way to talk to new people and build relationships without having to leave the comfort of your own home. If you are too busy for traditional dating, or just want to try something new, then dating websites can be a fantastic resource.

However, as with real life (IRL) dating, not every person you encounter online has the potential to become your next love interest. In some ways, online dating can be just as confusing as the old-fashioned methods of finding love. So, let us discuss 3 online dating red flags that indicate someone might not be the right person for you.

A Bare Profile

An online dating profile is the ideal opportunity to create an insight into your life and personality. Including your hobbies, interests, and job enables others to determine whether you could be a suitable match. Consequently, if someone has not included this information in their profile, it can be difficult to ascertain whether you have anything in common. Of course, there are lots of legitimate reasons why someone might have left elements of their profile blank, but you should still be able to determine whether anything beyond their looks intrigues you. Legit global dating sites allow users to provide links to their social media profiles so that you can ascertain that the person you are interacting with is who they say they are, so do not be afraid to do some research of your own too.

Online dating profiles are mysterious by nature. This is what makes them both alluring and dangerous. It can be quite difficult to determine whether someone is telling you the entire truth from looking at what they have written about their life online, as well as any other details that they decide to share with you. Always trust your gut feeling, and if it seems that someone is hiding something from you, there is a good chance that your instincts are probably true. Above all, it is only through an open and honest conversation that you can determine whether someone could potentially be worth your time. This way, you can try to get a well-rounded overview of anyone who does manage to catch your eye.

Controlling Behaviour

When talking to someone new online, your first few conversations should be relaxed and easy going. If they come on too strong or put on pressure to meet you before you feel ready, you must be prepared to set boundaries. If someone repeatedly tries to overstep these boundaries, then you can probably assume that they will not respect you in a relationship. Additionally, if someone you are talking to becomes aggressive if you do not reply to their messages immediately, this can also be indicative of a dangerous personality.

You might also need to be aware of a person who spams you with multiple messages. Signs of paranoia or extreme low self-esteem reveal a lot about the mental state of the person that you are communicating with and must be taken seriously. Furthermore, anyone who gives you a checklist of things that they want in a potential partner should be treated with caution. Expressing non-negotiables is one thing but listing required traits can suggest that this person might feel as if other people need to change to suit their own needs. 

Outdated or Misleading Information

It is not uncommon for people to post pictures on their online dating profile that were taken in the past. No one is immune to change, and old photographs can cover up age, fluctuations in weight, and much more. You might be being totally honest about yourself online, but there are no guarantees that the person you are talking to is genuinely who they claim to be. One of the biggest online dating pet peeves is when someone does not look like their photos in real life. Correspondingly, if you do decide to meet someone from an online dating website or an app in person, you could suggest a video call first to be certain that you will not get any surprises.

Anyone who has been deceitful from the start should be treated with the utmost caution. What is more, there are also people out there using dating websites and apps who claim to be single but are actually still in relationships. Although some people are totally upfront about being in an open relationship, not everyone is as honest. If someone will only talk to you at certain times, and not in the evening or on weekends, they might not be sharing their true relationship status with you and this can lead to heartbreak. If things do look good however, then be sure to meet your potential new partner in person so you can get to know the real human being behind their profile and not just their online image.

Ultimately, it is undeniable that online dating is the new way to date for singles looking for love. As with any type of technology, there are always going to be advantages and disadvantages, but by putting your safety first at all times, online dating can be a lot of fun. 

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