Pets need to be taken care as the same way as we do care for humans. Yes, they are also eligible to go for the treatment that can keep them to be in a good state. Like those of cats, you need to take care of them in case of any problems.

Cats do undergo severe problems like those of gastric and intestinal ulcers. So in case of that cats can be given Pepcid.

So are you aware of the drug called Pepcid? well to know about this drug and how can be given to cats in case of the problem undergoing and the benefits will help you to gain wide knowledge.

Pepcid is known as the Famotidine, it is a cat prescription or we can say is a pet prescription given them at the time of problem facing like ulcers or gastric issue.

Pepcid for cats can be given at the time of the problems like

abomasal and duodenal ulcers

uremic gastritis

stress-related or drug-induced erosive gastritis


duodenal gastric reflux

and esophageal reflux

Pepcid called as Famotidine belongs to the histamine receptor 2-blocker class. Cats who suffer from mast cell tumors can be administered with Pepcid in case of treatment the pet owner is looking for. Also, the drug should be taken under the strict supervision of a veterinarian.

What is The Use Of Pepcid?
It is useful in curing ulcers and other stomach related problems, due to the increased gastric acid there could be a problem that can take place in animals, and hence, in that case, Pepcid is the ultimate choice that can be made.

In the case of prophylaxis, Pepcid is always prescribed the same. This can be in severe kidney failure that happens in cats. Due to the decrease in platelets, leads to internal bleeding.

There Can Be Some Side-Effects Seen
Pepcid for cats can be the ultimate choice that one can make to treat their problems.

It is easily accessible in the form of tablets, gel, syrups, injections forms.

It is advisable to give like 0.25 – 0.5 mg/lb or 0.5 – 1mg/kg every 12 to twenty fou24 hours.

Some of the side-effects seen are-

There can be a chance of Vomiting


Redness of the mouth or ears

increased heartbeat

Collapse and death

Like we humans undergo consultation, also before giving any prescribed or non-prescribed drug, you should consult the specialist who has the extreme knowledge about the cats and their right treatment.

Pepcid For cats is used for

Stomach (gastric) ulcers


Mast cell tumors

How Can Pepcid Give To Cats?
You can give them via tablet form or an injection, whichever suits you the right way. Manage on a vacant stomach as taking care of the feline a supper will cause stomach corrosive discharge before the drug has had the opportunity to work

You can give the more amount as prescribed

Or in case of skip a dose.

The medication should take a minimum of 1-2 hours for effect, sometimes effects that occur cannot be visible to you, it is the lab tests that can make it possible to know you the exact condition.

Also, you should not give Pepcid to cats and other animals if allergic to the same. Use some precautions in animals who are pregnant and nursing. Pepcid tablets should be stored at room temperature.

Famotidine is a drug that is administered by humans but can be recommended for cats as well.

It works by neutralizing the acid in the cat's stomach and also helps in reducing the PH level in the body.

Dependable pet owners will accomplish more than feed, exercise, and love their mutts and felines. They will look out the best pet meds to upgrade the lives of their adored pets. And in that case, Pepcid for cats is the best medicine, though there can be problems like incorporate skin infections, ear diseases, eye infections, and stomach problems. So Pepcid when giving at the right dosage and at the appropriate time with precaution, these diseases and responses can be handily overseen.

So if your cat has been falling to nay of the problem then you can choose Pepcid, that will make you pet to feel good while fighting against the problems and issue your pet is going through.