Traditional Bathroom Concepts

When you are opting for a traditional bathroom design, it usually involves inspiration from bygone eras, when it comes to decors, designs and material choices. Generally, styles that comes to mind are colonial and Victorian styles. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to a specific era. When it comes to classic bathroom design ideas, it doesn’t involve what it is, but more what it isn’t. And it is not sleek, modern or contemporary. 

Ideas For A Traditional Bathroom Style

Incorporating freestanding bathtubs.

Using bathroom furniture which are traditional with plenty of storage space. 

  • Making use of traditional showers.
  • Using specific shades of blue.
  • Installing outdated style radiators.
  • Using taps that are traditional looking.
  • Adding pleasant textures to the décor.
  • Incorporating a built-in dresser.
  • Giving a wall treatment a go.
  • Drawing Victorian style ideas when decorating.

Traditional Bathroom Décor And Concepts

One of the most critical elements when you are opting for traditional bathrooms, is the surface. Natural materials such as granite, stone or slate are usually featured in the bathroom countertops. 

Tile Choices

When it comes to both wall and floor tile selections, they vary from vintage to historical with tiles that are subway, penny tiles or hexagonal. You can even opt for mixing various periods of classic conventional bathroom designs, even if it seems like they are disharmonious. Mixing equal colonial style with a 1940s antique style is a great example of a discordant design. 


Materials regularly utilized for a traditional bathroom furniture are primarily natural. For chairs, sink cabinet cases, benches, chairs, etc, excellent quality timber is used. When we mention colonial bathrooms, oak, maple, and cherry are the most commonly used timber materials. Besides that, the material utilized for the sink and other fixtures in the bathroom are also produced from stone or porcelain, that are of historic origin too. Other commonly used design ideas for a traditional bathroom include pedestal, basin and console sink types. These are available in various types of materials that can enhance the appearance, for instance, classic porcelain. In addition, there are versions that can be manufactured from wood or metals such as copper or bronze. Essential features used in a traditional bathroom designs can include, metals that are of significance, since it can be utilized for faucets, lamps, or furniture hardware. Most regular choices include copper, iron, or oil-rubbed bronze. When it comes to the sheets and remainder of accessories, you can consider things like plain shower curtains, towels and other accessories. 


Some of the most extensively used colors include brown, blue, white, green and red. There are a lot of attractive designs that can be found among traditional styles, and it is simply a matter of selecting the one that suits your home the best. Essentially, all traditional styles are a lot more symmetrical and diverse than contemporary and modern styles. Sink pedestals are chiselled differently, with vertically striped depressions, two-piece toilets, bases are usually separate, and the designs are varied. Hardware and fitting are usually decorated to a degree. The most prominent characteristics usually of a traditional bathroom are arched Palladian windows as well as clawfoot tubs.