Drum Machine

An electronic musical instrument creating percussion sounds, drum beats and patterns is known as a drum machine.It imitates kits or other percussion instruments, producing unique sounds like synthesized electronic tones. Majority of modern drum machines allow users to program their own beats and rhythms. Create sounds using analog synthesis or play pre-recorded samples.To allow the performer to play drum sounds 'live' some drum machines have buttons or pads (either on top of a program drum beat or as a stand-alone performance). They have a number of capabilities, from playing a short beat pattern in a loop, able to program or record complex song arrangements with metre and style changes.

What Is The Importance Of A Drum Machine?

Some people say that drum machines stand in direct competition with a human drummer but it's not so. They are great tools for DJ's, drummers and producers and they are not there to replace anybody. Rather, they allow you to create gripping beats and grooves even without becoming a drummer . They have come a long way in the music industry since the 80's. Today, a wide range of features - packed modern drum machines - is available to suit every budget and ability.

Drum machine is best for live performances. It is versatile, portable and a great tool to use during live performances. It provides classic, realistic sound and provides high quality audio regardless of venue size. Many celebrities, singers and songwriters use this machine.

This hardware piece also allows you to show your creativity and create your own song and patterns using realistic and natural drum sounds. The Digital reverb in this great machine makes it an all rounder in performance and allows you to produce fantastic sound in small or large venues. Unfortunately Real Drum machines are slowly becoming rare.

How To Choose?

  •  Budget - It is always listed first in our guides for music producing equipment, how much money you can spend will deter you in a particular drum machine direction. Some go for a grand or more while others are affordable with a middle price point that provides you with those beloved drum machine qualities.
  • Digital Compatibility- Some people may want a model that performs both-act as a standalone drum machine to make music by itself or have the ability to connect to a computer or other digital devices. Some are old school and vintage, don't even know what MIDI means, while others come with compatibility and ability to edit MIDI within the machine and even use some drums VST sounds.
  • Portability- most of the Machines are technically portable. Grabbing a slimmer, lightweight model is better if you intend to travel frequently.
  • Sounds - some machines come with a few sounds to let you get going, others with more than a few GB sound packs, while some others need you to upload your own or use MIDI.
  • Overall Sound Of The Machine- Those who are aware of the sound of certain pieces of music gear may relate . It is very subjective. Certain machines sound warm ,thick or any type of adjective people label to how a machine outputs the sound. This is geared more towards older drum machines(like SP 1200) but a few are more old school sounding (like 808 sounds from TR - 8).
Many producers and musicians swear by the sound of their gear , not the amount of buttons or reputation the machine has. For more information visit Soundhalo.com to get complete knowledge about the drum machines.