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As millions of people continue to restrict their activities and spend more time at home in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for at-home entertainment has soared. While many industries have ground to a halt, companies, networks and platforms providing remote entertainment have been busier than ever in an attempt to meet peoples’ needs. 

Coronavirus has posed a major physical health risk to billions, but it isn’t just the physical impact of the virus that is affecting our wellbeing. The emotional and psychological effects of the COVID-19 outbreak are yet to be fully understood but they are likely to be significant. As people report increased feelings of stress, anxiety and worry, it’s clear that life in lockdown is taking a toll on many people. 

Whether you’re living alone, with a partner or with family, keeping busy and remaining as active as possible could be an effective way to deal with the emotional effects of coronavirus. If you’re looking for new ways to keep yourself busy amid self-isolation, take a look at these top at-home entertainment options…

1. TV, Box Sets and Streaming Services

The perfect mix of the latest shows, current affairs and some old classics, TV is hard to beat when it comes to at-home entertainment. With Freeview Play and other on-demand or streaming services, you can access back catalogues that will take you right through lockdown and beyond. 

Now is the perfect time to binge-watch your favourite programme or catch up with a new series that you’ve been missing out on. No matter what your interests, you’ll find endless entertainment on offer. 

2. Fitness Classes

If lockdown has disrupted your usual fitness routine, it doesn’t need to anymore. You may not be able to hit the gym or take part in organised outdoor events, but you can still participate in a variety of fitness classes. 

Numerous personal trainers are offering online training sessions, so you can choose to start a new routine from the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, you’ll find plenty of free instructional videos to help you get to grips with a new form of exercise. In addition to this, millions of people are tuning in for free, live classes from high-profile trainers.

You won’t need a home gym or specialist equipment to stay fit during lockdown, so there’s no need to worry if you don’t have a range of accessories or a set of weights. With some innovative alternatives, you can create a fun, varied workout routine to keep you feeling great. 

3. Learn Something New

Online learning platforms have become increasingly popular in recent years but they’re really proving their worth now. With millions of students unable to attend school, college or university, educational institutions are now delivering lessons online. Complemented by educational programming from high-profile experts, students are experiencing a new era of education and you can too. 

You don’t have to be enrolled at a college or university to make the most of the educational opportunities available. With time on your hands, you can commit to learning something new and master a hobby while you’re stuck at home. Learning to play an instrument, enhancing your language skills or becoming a buddy author, historian or scientist, are all great ways to spend your time during lockdown, so choose something you’re interested in and get to work. 

4. Stay Connected

For many people, this biggest challenge of isolation is being physically separated from the people you love. If you’re finding it hard to cope without face-to-face interaction with friends and family, it’s important to find other ways to stay connected. 

Fortunately, technology provides us with numerous ways to keep in touch. From emails and texts to video calls and pictures, you can reach out to people at any time of the night and day. Remember – technology doesn’t just connect you to your friends and family members. 

Many health organisations, charities and companies are providing support via phonelines, live online chat and video calls, so you can connect with healthcare providers, therapists and advisers to access any help you might need.

Putting Your Time to Good Use

It’s easy to feel lethargic and listless in response to the changes in our day-to-day routine but putting your time to good use can help to combat these feelings. In addition to this, using your time constructively will help to keep your body and mind active, which is beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing. With endless at-home entertainment options to enjoy, you can fill your day with a wide range of activities and events.