State of the world for the last couple of months truly is frightening and challenging regarding every single aspect of our lives. A global pandemic is causing the obligatory social distancing for the sake of COVID-19 virus not spreading. Everything is affected, from buying groceries and walking our pets, to the work environment. Businesses all over the world need to adapt to such specific circumstances, and their employees as well. There will be many obstacles to overcome, and you won’t have all the equipment you usually have in the office, but with the right spirit, working from home shouldn’t be a hassle. We’ll provide some advice on how to deal with the current situation from a technical viewpoint.

Internet connection

Remotely During COVID-19
The most important aspect for the situation where you are working remotely is the ability to stay connected with your colleagues and managers in virtual reality. For this reason, it is essential to have a reliable connection to the World Wide Web. Numerous further aspects will rely on this, whether it comes to sharing files on Google Drive or having a virtual meeting. Check the speed of your package, and if needed, call your provider to upgrade your internet speed. Explain that your needs are different at the time, and they will surely understand. You might even be able to get them to alter the package only for a certain period of time, not really changing your contract. 

We’ve all used to mostly using a wireless connection, but for the business needs, it is highly recommended switching to LAN connection via Local Area Network cable, going directly from the router to your desktop or laptop device. The cable will provide a more secure and reliable connection, so your Skype meetings can go smoothly. Depending on the type of network your company usually works on, you might not have access to some files due to the locked VPN. The technician should provide you with access to work remotely, creating encryption between your work network and a device you’ll be using at home.

The right equipment


Adaptation to meeting virtually means having the right equipment, once you’ve ensured your stable connection. You’re going to need a proper camera and microphone for starters. People can feel lonely in isolation, and it can truly affect our motivation and productivity rate. In order to feel connected, it is crucial to increase visibility by using videos, as they are the most engaging style. It will increase the teamwork, and provide a close second to having people around. 

If you are using a laptop device, you’ll probably have an integrated camera in it, but for the desktop devices, you’ll need to purchase one. Many companies will offer a refund on all the equipment purchased for this reason. A microphone is the best option, but if you prefer headphones with a built-in microphone, it will work just fine. The only important thing is to hear perfectly since it can be really irritating if someone is constantly asking you to repeat what you said. Clear communication and the right channels will be a necessity, as we are all aware that a lot can be misinterpreted when a face to face communication isn’t an option. The situation is challenging by its nature, and having the technical obstacles removed will reduce the stress levels for everyone. Another amazing benefit is using a second screen because having another monitor can help you organize all the tabs and programs on the screen, and thereby ease the workflow. Especially if you use a laptop device as a primary working tool. 

The right tools

This situation happens in 2020 pointed out many benefits of using digital tools in the right manner, rather than only for Instagram and Netflix. Google Drive can be a life-saver, and it a great collaboration tool for tracking other employees work. Everything is synced, you can share files, and several people can work on the same document simultaneously. Furthermore, it is constantly backing up your files, so you don’t have to worry about that. You can find some great apps that will transform the picture from your phone to a PDF file, so this can be a replacement for the scanner.

When it comes to video conferences, one of the most popular platforms is called Zoom, and that’s because it’s free. If your company is more serious about security and quality, you should opt for a paid service such as Redback Connect offers. Subscription to their service will allow you to manage webinars and stream in the highest quality, among other things. For the security and confidentiality chats between a larger group of people, you can use Viber or WhatsApp as they are encrypted and secured. Make sure you are connected at all times, and that you have both group chat and direct messages to relevant colleagues open. 


It is important to stay flexible as the world cannot stop because of the pandemic. The times are quite unfortunate, but we are lucky enough to stay safe in the comfort of our homes, and still be able to work. Take advantage of all the features the 21st-century offers, and stay virtually connected. Make sure you’ve dedicated a certain area of your home to be your home office if you don’t have one. It’ll help to set you in the business mode. Additionally, try to benefit from using video tools, and pay attention to your gesticulation and other forms of non-verbal communication. Remember, the whole world is together in this, and together we’ll overcome this dangerous obstacle by staying at home, and staying safe!