Travelling is a part of life that we all love doing. It is fun, fulfilling, and refreshing. Visiting a place you have never been to and seeing a different dimension of life in new areas can be very interesting. For us to enjoy travel, there are several things that we should do and those we shouldn’t. This article highlights a few things that we need to consider. 

Things you should do

Check the weather

The weather is not the same everywhere. The places you travel to have seasonal weather changes all the time and can be different from your current climate. It is essential always to check whether the weather will be favourable for the activities you had in mind. There are situations where extreme weather that goes on extensively ruins travel completely. Even though the weather patterns change, getting information beforehand helps you to prepare. For example, if you want to visit a warmer country like Cambodia, you must be ready for the hot summer weather. Whether or not you can get your visa around that season, you can check about the visa needed for Cambodia.

Check local currency

Travelling involves expenses, which means you need money. It is essential for you always to check the local currency of your destination. There are instances where it may be cheaper to get the cash from your locality than from the travel destination. Be keen when spending the money, as it may seem minimal, but it makes the difference.

Record your memories

Travelling, taking photos, and writing down your experiences in a diary can be very helpful, engaging, and refreshing. These items will serve as memories to help you relive your beautiful times.

Ditch the maps

While the maps are an excellent way to get directions and where you want to be, you should ditch them occasionally. When travelling, one of the most significant benefits you get is site seeing. It allows you to find unexpected things. The phones nowadays have GPS systems; if you get lost to a point you can’t trace your original location, you can use GPS. Another remedy and stress-free solution are to book a travelling agency that would service your transportation once you arrive. With this, you will have all the privileges to maximize your time enjoying your vacation. Especially when you are in Punta Cana and Santo Domingo. You can book to see different options of vehicles, from vans to luxury cars, that will get you where you need to go in style.

Take tips and learn from the locals.

It is good to get tips from the locals. There are occasions when new, unusual factors may arise that you didn't know. The locals can always help you out. Remember that they have more experience in their locality than you are. Hence their tips and information may come in handy.

Things you shouldn’t do

Don’t Litter

Littering should be one of the most obvious things you shouldn’t do, but we have to mention it anyway. It would be best if you took care of the local environment you are travelling to. Even if other individuals are littering, try to remain respectful to the environment. A technique you can use to avoid littering is recyclable items, like refillable water bottles.

Please don’t take pictures of people without their consent.

When travelling, taking pictures of people without asking them is disrespectful. While it may look like such a harmless act, the individual may disapprove of the action. Always asking politely whether you can take a photo of them is very respectful. It shows that you care about their opinion and reservations. Some individuals may turn violent, and that’s the last thing you need when travelling.

Don’t travel using cabs.

While cabs are a convenient means of transport, you should ditch them when travelling. It is good to use public transportation since it will always be a much cheaper option than taxis. It is also possible that since you may be new in your place of travel, you may not be knowledgeable about the travel costs; hence you can be overcharged. It is also much more fun using public transportation as you get to interact with the locals.

Don’t forget to get travel insurance.

When you are travelling, you get exposed to all risks ranging from theft to injuries. The possibility of a natural disaster occurring is also vital to consider. These factors may disrupt your trip and cost you a lot of money in terms of loss. It is, therefore, critical for you to make sure you have insurance protecting you; learn more here.

Don’t dress disrespectfully.

More often than not, the destinations of your travel will have a culture that dictates certain practices and behaviours. One of these is the mode of dressing. Countries, especially those with a dominant Islamic culture, take sauce very seriously. It is essential to research the customs and practices regarding dressing before visiting; otherwise, you attract ridicule and rejection.

Don’t assume you are safe.

When you are travelling, never assume that you are safe. Since you may be new to all the locations you visit, do not neglect the fact that you may not be secure. Cases of attacks on individuals by a few criminal locals have been consistently heard of all over. Your security should always be your top concern. Some local individuals may also trick and con you and steal from you.


Conducting thorough research on the place that you will visit will help lift a massive burden from your shoulders and ease the uncertainty that you have. This article highlights things that you should and shouldn’t do when travelling. We hope it gives you the necessary information you need for your next travel.