Radar flight online service and apps to download when going to Poland

Poland is an Eastern European country with a rich history and a particular mentality. The Polish people cherish their traditions in various aspects of life including food, music, multiple festivals, and so on. 

At the same time, this country is one of the swiftly developing, and its large cities and small towns, preserving the older architecture, are filled with modern technology. Mobile banking and other digital apps are widely used here. Here are some you’ll definitely make use of while in Poland:
  • Flight tracker. Aviation is quite well-developed in Poland. For almost 38 million people population, there are 15 airports, 12 of which have international status. The busy air traffic in WAW and other Polish airports is best to watch through the tracking apps via the radar flight online services like the most popular Radar Lotów, or FlightAware, Plane Finder, and others. 

  • Banking / payment app. Smartphone-based payment apps (Google Pay, PayPal, Mobiamo) are quite popular in Poland and can be used in hotels, restaurants, some taxi services, and big stores. Mobile payment card apps (like ING) are also valid.
  • Translation app. A real book or a smartphone app (Google Translate, iTranslate, TripLingo), whichever means you’ll choose to say something in Polish. Though many people in Poland know English and can speak at least another European language, the Poles appreciate highly when a foreigner is trying to speak their language. This also works another way around too.

  • Travel guide or map. Wide Warsaw prospects or winding Krakow streets — you’ll feel confident with an online map (Google Maps or alternatives) or a travel guide app leading you along with the most popular tourist sites (Visit a City, CityMapper). Check the closest attractions with Miejska Ścieżkaor find a cozy cafe with the Polish version of the Zomato app, and don’t miss Warsaw Chopin Guide, while in Warsaw — there’s plenty of free apps choice to enjoy your Poland trip!

Things to take to Poland
There are thousands of things you can take out of Poland to memorize your visit there. Still, in order to make this visit comfortable and trouble-free, make sure to take the following items with you:

  • Documents. Poland is a relatively safe country with a low criminal index (the 16th safest in Europe). Still, in the popular tourist places, pocket thieves might be frequent. Make sure to have your documents in a secure place with you. You’ll need them in case of document check by the police who are usually susceptible to foreigners. However, these checks aren’t likely to happen frequently.

  • Money. In Poland, you can use euros and a credit card to pay in most of the places. However, if you’re going to visit off-the-beaten-path locations and buy local craft, art, or food directly, be warned that the price will be announced in zloty and the exchange rate to euro won’t be favourable.

  • Camera. You’re likely to have a shot of the busy local market or a Warsaw Resistance museum, the Wawel castle in Krakow or the Oak of Mesko the First. Make sure your device accepts 230V voltage, which is common for the network in Poland. The sockets there accept power plugs of type C and type E, so, make sure to have an adapter if your plug is different.

  • Seasonal clothes and accessories. In Poland, seasons are classic: freezing winter, relatively warm spring, hot summer, and rainy autumn. Take clothes and accessories depending on the season and planned activities. Make sure to have a scarf or a jacket to put on in the evening, even in summer.