If you’ve been following the news lately you may have heard about so-called giant hornets. These creatures have also been named, “Murder hornets” by the press. Technically they are known as Asian giant hornets or Japanese giant hornets. This is because they are native to East and South Asia, and also certain parts of eastern Russia.

According to sources these pests are now invading countries all around the world, including Europe and the UK. This means that with Summer coming, we will more than likely see these pests around parts of Britain. But what is the deal with giant hornets, are they really as dangerous as they are made out to be? The answer is yes. People from London to Paris and New York will need to arm themselves with more than just the usual summer wasp nest facts this year.

Here’s what you need to know about these Asian giant hornets:

First of all these pests are enormous compared to other bugs. They are almost two inches long and have a wingspan of about three inches. In addition to this their stinger, which can inject huge doses of deadly venom, measures a quarter of an inch.

Also, as you may or may not know, hornets are a specific type of wasp. This means they have the same behaviors as wasps. They are extremely territorial, and if you enter into their area they may sting you.

What you also need to understand is that the stings of giant hornets compared to bees and wasps, are a lot worse. Their sting is said to be severely painful and is like being jabbed with a red hot poker. The pain is also said to linger a lot longer. This is partly the reason why there has been so much media sensationalism over these hornets.

Also, don’t forget that wasps are able to sting you multiple times. When you realize this it’s easy to see why people are so afraid of these bugs. What you also need to know about Asian giant hornet is that their venom is extremely toxic. In fact, it’s far more toxic than any other stinging insects.

According to scientists, these pests can deliver ten times more venom than regular wasps. Researchers have discovered that the venom from one hornet can take out about ten mice. They also say that a small swarm of these insects could potentially kill animals of up to 70 kilograms. So depending on your weight, you might have to be worried.

The reason why their venom is so lethal is because it contains a cocktail of chemicals. These include things like acetylcholine and histamine which cause pain and swelling. Their venom also contains other chemicals called kinins that dilate blood vessels. When combined together these chemicals break down blood and muscle cells, which only causes more pain.

What’s more, they have two more chemicals called mastoparan and phospholipase. These work to break down immune cells and act as a catalyst to inflammation. This large dose of chemicals also release molecules like hemoglobin, which has to be dealt with by your kidneys. But because these chemicals are all toxic your kidneys are already overstressed. This means that many people have actually died of renal failure after being attacked by these hornets.

All in all their venom is designed for one thing: to keep enemies way!

These giant hornets kill about 30-50 people in Japan every year, and should be taken seriously. Due to these pests being so dangerous you should not handle this problem yourself. Call a qualified pest control service as soon as you can. They will take care of this problem with the minimum of fuss. In the meantime stay away from the area where you have seen the hornets and try not to antagonize them.