When looking for essential gardening tools the process is never easy. Not because the tools are hard to get, but the reason is there are so many options to choose from. While you may argue with me that there are some tools are necessary for beginners I may argue that you can get better options.

Why not let us end this argument? That's right I am trying to act as your guideline here. Well, friends, should we start the guide? Let's hope both new and veterans can be helpful from our guides of different types of gardening tools. 


There are specific gloves for gardening related works. They are not that expensive and most of them are washable. You should always keep a pair of them. They come in handy. 


A wheelbarrow can be used to do many kinds of work. It can work as your portable storage to bring tools to your work field. After weeding the land you can carry those weeds with the help of a wheelbarrow. If you often move land from one spot to another trust me you will thank me for this wonderful suggestion. It will save you tons of time and strength. If your wheelbarrow doesn't have any kind of holes in it (which it shouldn't) then you can carry a large amount of water with it too. It's your portable one wheel go-cart, except you can't ride it (unless someone else is pushing the cart while you sit on it ha-ha).

Hand trowel:

This is one of the tools that you shouldn't forget to add to your arsenal. They are like a shovel, but handier. You can use them is small compact places where you couldn't use the regular shovel. If you don't need to dig that dip to plant or just weeding then you need one of this. 

Digging shovel: 

Another important tool to have. Truth be told you can use a gardening shovel for many different reasons. It doesn't limit to gardening. Construction workers use it to dig or mix their compounds. If you are planting a big tree or you just need to dig a spot on your field to make composter or water safe you need a digging shovel. 

Spade shovel:

Most of you here will think that a digging shovel is enough. But a digging spade is also necessary for many reasons. the main reason is its square-shaped head is better at digging the land. You can carry a large amount of soil with it. 

You will find scenarios where the digging spade serves you better than the digging shovel. 

Bow rake:

If you are working with a yard then you absolutely need this tool. It works better than a leaf rake. You can use it on solid land of dirt to stir it up and remove the leaves. You can do it faster and more efficiently with a bow rake compared to a leaf rake. But if you already have a leaf rake which you use in your yards then don't buy another one. You can use that one.

Digging fork:

This is completely optional. But it is something that has its own use. You can use it to make holes in the land to help the land breathe better. This way you will end up with less dry patches. It's helpful but you may not need it. 

Garden knife:

They are different than your kitchen knife. For example, the Hori Hori garden knife is a popular garden knife. It is not exactly flat but a little curved. You can use it to shape your plants you can also use it to dig a certain amount. As the knife has marked on its body. So, if you need 5" deep holes you can do it accurately with the help of this knife.

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These are some of the best gardening tools that everyone should have. Let us know if we missed any of your favourite beginner gardening tools.