Consume Cannabis
Ever since the health benefits of the hemp plant were confirmed, more and more people started to enjoy consumption, although, not only for medical reasons but also for recreational use. However, even those consuming the plant recreationally are adamant that cannabis provides exceptional benefits for stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and many conditions. Even though science has not explicitly provided adequate evidence regarding these matters, recreational use has become incredibly popular as many would agree that cannabis is a much safer solution when compared to the destructive effects of alcohol.

Roll And Smoke

It could be agreed that rolling and smoking joints is one of the most common methods of consumption. This may be simply because smoking joints is widely considered the original method. If you are uncertain of how to roll, it can be somewhat tricky for beginners, although, there are quite a few detailed and explanatory guides quite readily available online. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be hard to learn to roll a joint.

Capsules And Pills

Capsules and pills are usually the first choices for users who are hoping to reap medical benefits. Although, it is also a top option for cannabis fans who aren’t smokers as this method of consumption will not have any adverse effects on the lungs. Before purchasing capsules and pills, you should evaluate the specifics of the formulation and dosages used as not all cannabis products are created equal. Pills and capsules are available in varying strengths, which is why you should consider the options before use.


Edibles are one of the more fun methods of consumption as cannabis edibles can be in the form of sweet gummy jellies, decadent brownies, and even cookies. Even though some users opt to craft their splendid edibles, the method of baking or cooking with cannabis is extremely precise, which is why most interested beginners rather purchase ready-made edibles from accredited dispensaries. When it comes to enjoying edibles, less is always more as the kick will be slow. Therefore, you should slow your pace to prevent later realizing you may have overindulged a bit.


Tinctures are extracts of cannabis compounds using either oil-based extracts or alcohol extracts. A large number of cannabis connoisseurs enjoy tinctures as they illuminate an element of compounded quality that buds and edibles don’t seem capable of. You could consider tinctures a concentrated form of the plant. If you are considering tinctures, you will be able to consume them sublingually or add them to cooking recipes or even virgin cocktails depending on your preferences.

There are also several other methods of consumption from dabbing and bowls to blunts and bubblers. However, some ways of consumption are significantly more technical, which is just one of the reasons they are less prevalent in general. Therefore, those who are just starting their journey towards recreational or medical use of cannabis should rather opt for the more popular methods. Ass time goes on; you will likely explore your options until you can settle on a technique that suits you best.