Arguments Against Cannabis
Cannabis is a plant that is well known to the world for its positive and most prominently controversial characteristics. The use of cannabis is still questionable in the majority of countries worldwide. People are still trying to criminalize cannabis using the misinterpreted myths against the plant. Being engraved as a harmful drug, some people consider cannabis as a sinful indulgence by despicable humans. But these people seem to be dwindling in number with each passing day and every relieved ailment.

Although the debates might say otherwise, cannabis is simply a natural medicinal herb that has been used to treat illness for centuries now. It flowers two chief varieties of herbs which are used by various parts of the medical and commercial market, Indica and Sativa. Both being competent in performing their concerned applications are useful in the health-care industry.

Cannabis, being the home to so many beneficiary factors, is still surrounded by a large number of myths. Here are the 5 most prominent myths that are used to win arguments against the usage of cannabis.

  • Cannabis invites delinquency: The most common myth of people is that the usage of cannabis will lead you to indulge in criminal activities. Whether sharing it or getting involved in illegal activities under the influence of it, both ways will end you up in jail, which is certainly not true. This myth is wounding the reputation of cannabis so much that even the mere thought of trying it for once can make people feel threatened. Although people think cannabis invites delinquency, the studies say otherwise. According to research carried out in few states of the U.S, the places which legalized the usage of medical cannabis did not observe any increase in the rates of crime or delinquency. The crime rates noticeably remained the same or decreased.
  • Cannabis can make people addicts and dependant: Excess of anything can make you an addict or dependant, whether it is a food item or caffeine. The number of people dependant on cannabis is relatively lower than the number of those people who are addicted to alcohol, tobacco, or use any other drugs such as heroin. While cannabis is natural and has certain beneficial aspects to it, the other options such as tobacco or heavy drugs fail to show benefits to the human body. What you must keep in mind while handling cannabis is the fact that using a modest amount of authorized and safe cannabis has a lesser chance of harming you.
Cannabis is not medicinal

  • Cannabis is not medicinal: One of the most common myths about marijuana is that it is only useful for getting 'high.' Generally, cannabis is mainly useful as an ingredient by experts for its many medicinal properties. The fact that the market is flooding with CBD products such as CBD oil canada speaks for it. CBD oil is an extract from the medicinal plant of cannabis. The products with CBD oil as their ingredient is making it a more common recommendation of physicians to their patients. From curing minor muscle pain to major ailments as Glaucoma and Endometriosis, cannabis has proved its worth as a medicine according to the studies.
  • Cannabis is a hazardous drug: The fact is that medicinal cannabis is a natural ingredient, and its demand is growing in the medical industry. Cannabis is under research by entities seeking to exploit its therapeutic properties, including more traditional pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical product manufacturers. Masses under the misinformation regarding cannabis are demanding to criminalize it while vendors are selling potentially hazardous products such as tobacco and alcohol legally. Time and again, experts have claimed how cannabis is safe to use in a decent quantity.

  • Cannabis acts as a gateway drug: Beginners might want to try some other drugs after smoking cannabis, but the claims that say cannabis drives people to use hard drugs are not true. Experts have not found any possible reason that the use of cannabis triggers people to take more drugs. It might depend on several other factors, cannabis nowhere contributes to kindle the need for any more drugs.
The stigma attached to medicinal cannabis has traveled a long journey. From being strictly prohibited to endorsing cannabis oil-induced products for daily use, it still has a long way to go. Cannabis is not at all vicious as people think it to be, and the correct information about it is what the world needs to know. Continuing to remove the ignorance that surrounds cannabis will lead the world to know how many advantages this plant can flourish for them.