Protein Rich Diet

Protein is one of the crucial macro-nutrient which is essential for the human body. Because protein is considered as the building block of the cells, all the protein is the polymer of amino acid. There are 20 different kinds of amino acid which make a large number of proteins.

Protein provides various health benefits, thus like it helps you to recover faster after heavy and intense exercise; therefore, it is recommended to the sportsperson or bodybuilder to consume a sufficient amount of protein. 

But how much protein one should consume daily is a valid and crucial question. Here we have listed required protein concentration according to age, sex/gender, and other health condition, which will help you to consume the proper amount of protein daily.

Recommended Daily Consumption of Protein


Daily Protein







14-18 (Male)


14-18 (Female)


19-70+ (Male)


19-70+ (Female)


Extra Protein Requirements for Pregnancy and Lactation


Safe Intake


Additional Energy

Requirement (Kj/Day)

Protein Energy Ratio

Trimester 1




Trimester 2




Trimester 3




Lactation First 6 Months




Lactation After 6 Months




Few Health Benefits of Protein

Although protein has several health benefits like cell repair, muscle building, and make enzymes. Thus for this, your body needs an optimum level of protein. You can consume the proper amount of protein by including protein-rich food or with the help of the protein supplement. 

There are various brands of protein who formulate best protein powder thus you need to select the best protein powder in India. Here we have listed a few but crucial benefits of protein.

1. Improve Immunity

Like another cell, your immune system cells are also made up of protein. Thus it requires a high concentration of protein to grow and repair itself. But in case of less protein consumption, your immune cell remains weakened. For an adult man, the required amount of protein is 56g, and for the normal adult, it is 45g.

2. Improve Your Muscles

A bodybuilder and sportsperson are recommended to consume a high concentration of protein as it promotes muscle development. You can increase the protein input by including various protein-rich food. There is different research that supports that consuming the proper amount of protein improves muscle size and strength.

3. Improve Brain Function

It is neurotransmitter due to which our brain performs its functions, and the neurotransmitter is made up of protein. When you try to learn something, the neurotransmitter helps you to learn faster, and during this process, your brain needs an excessive amount of amino acid. 

For this, you need to consume the proper amount of protein as we know that protein is made up of amino acids. Thus if you regularly consume a sufficient amount of protein, then if improve your learning ability and overall brain function.

4. Help You to Maintain Your Body Weight

These days everyone wants a healthy body, but for this, they perform the various activities. But for this, one of the best ways is to increase the protein concentration in your diet as protein helps you to feel fuller for a long time, which results in less frequent snacking. 

And this allows people to maintain healthy body weight or lose weight. Thus include high protein-rich food in your diet or buy best protein powder in India to fulfil your protein requirement.