IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation is the procedure that acts as a ray of hope for the patients who are struggling to conceive naturally. It is rising the rate of pregnancy in patients who cannot get the positive results for pregnancy after trying it for more than 11 months. 

When you are undergoing the IVF Treatment in India, the doctors retrieve the egg from the females and the sperms from the male and combine it in the laboratory.

The resultant zygote is then placed in the womb. This process helps you to improve the chances of your pregnancy. It may take single or multiple cycles for the results depending on the condition of the patient.

What Are The Factors That Determine The Cost of An IVF Treatment in India?

The cost of IVF treatment primarily depends on:
  • Age of the patient
  • A condition that leads to sterility.
It is easy to get the results in the patients that have an age less than 35 years while for the patients above 40 years, the success-results are a bit low.

Moreover, the requirement of the number of cycles for the IVF for overage patients is more, and thus, the cost for the procedure also increases.

The cost of one IVF cycle is USD 4,000 to 7,500. So, the cost increase with every IVF cycle. Price for one IVF cycle in the other countries for the patients above 40 years is USD 2,50,000.

If the IVF requires donor, due to the uncured problem in the male or the female partner, the cost increases even more.

However, if you are planning your treatment in India, the price of the treatment will be far less. For the cost of one cycle in the countries in the US and UK, you can avail a minimum of eight to ten cycles in India.

Charges of  IVF of Florida are the minimum across the globe, and the success-result is the maximum. In other countries, if you avail the surgery, then the treatment cost is so high that if the higher number of cycles is required, not everyone can afford the treatment.

Moreover, it is seen that the result of the treatment in approximately 76% of the cases is observed in a minimum of 6 to 9 cycles. The number of cycles might increase if the age of the patient is more.

Final Words:

IVF is an excellent solution for the treatment of patients who are struggling to conceive and tried all the methods to get pregnant naturally.

Moreover, before you avail the procedure, you need to know that the treatment results may require multiple attempts.

If you give up after one or two cycles, you might end up causing a considerable loss to your pocket and time too, but you will not get the benefits.

You have to undergo the simulation education before the treatment so that you can know the necessary precautions to be taken for the success of the treatment.