Minnie Dlamini
Media personality Minnie Dlamini Jones says the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the entertainment industry, showing its ugly side.

The media personality shared her two cents on Twitter this week: “This lockdown is truly exposing the entertainment industry for what it is. Underpaid, undervalued and over-hyped PR stunts. Things aren't what they seem. We need to do better as a whole. Clout doesn't pay the bills.”

Sizwe Dhlomo also weighed in on the topic, explaining that it might not always be the case that artists or personalities are underpaid, but more about them living beyond their pockets.
Sizwe Dhlomo
“It’s not necessarily underpaid though. Some ninjas just live way beyond their means.”

Radio veteran DJ Fresh joined the conversation and attested that living within his means helped him a lot.
DJ Fresh
“If only you knew just how many cats I have tried to advise to downscale and rather save, and/or invest, and been told, 'I got this','mind your own business' etc! Oskido advised me exactly the same 15 years ago, and I am eternally grateful to him for that!”