Let’s say you are getting into woodworking or already into it, now you are looking for tools that will make your woodworking life easier. There are various kinds of power tools that can help reduce your stress while woodworking. Without further ado let us present you with some essential woodworking power tools that you absolutely need. 

Don’t worry we are making this list with beginners and veterans in mind. We will suggest some beginner tools and some major upgrades that you should get along the way. 

Circular saw:

This is one of the first things that you should consider buying. The circular saw is not expensive. People indeed consider this more of a carpentry tool rather than woodworking. But to cut your woods in the necessary shape this power tool will help you tremendously. The accuracy of this saw is quite similar to the table saw. The versatility of this saw is what makes it so good. There are two types of circular saw available in the market one is corded or electric and the other is cordless or battery-powered circular saw. So, if you are considering taking up woodworking, we recommend getting one of these.

Powe drill:

One of the greatest tools mankind has invented. We are not even kidding. The versatility of this tool is insane. The amount of work you can do with it is also insane. Not only you can draw holes in your walls to plug in something, but you can also use a power drill to draw a hole in your woodwork to join two or more plates with a pin. Cordless drills will be your best suitable options. But you can get away with a corded one. Also, learn good enough information about the chuck/bits your drill needs. So, that you don’t mess up purchasing third party chucks. 


Another tool that beginners should have in their collection is a jigsaw. You can cut a circular and curved pattern with a jigsaw. If you have researched a bit about different kinds of saw then you already know that band saw does the same more effectively as it can cut thicker stocks. But the learning curve of the jigsaw is simple for beginners and they are priced quite cheaply. If your woodwork requires a lot of curving or cutting in the middle of the stock you absolutely need a jigsaw. Just start with one you can later shift to band saw if you want.

Orbit sander:

Every woodworker or carpenter needs a sander. Now you can buy sandpaper and rub them with all your strength, or you can purchase an orbit sander to sand faster and efficiently. Palm sanders are less expensive but like we said you can do that with sandpaper. 

This uses sanding disk that hooks on to the sander like drill bits. You can use one disk for many rounds before it fades away. Once you start doing woodworking more seriously you will appreciate how much time this little tool can save you.

Table saw:

Now we are entering the big boy area. This is more expensive and more advanced tools. You need a fair amount of space in your workstation to install one of them. They are not cheap by any means. But when you do work professionally and you have earned enough by using those beginner tools you should slowly start investing in the bigger tools. They will increase your workflow and make your work routine easier. 

This is the first major tool for many woodworkers/carpenters. If you are working with thick wood stocks often then you need to purchase one of these as soon as possible. 

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Compound miter saw:

When you are done choosing the right table saw you should move your attention towards another saw. A compound miter saw. They are not as expensive as a table saw and lack some qualities, but if you are working with tight angle cuts a compound miter saw is an invaluable asset to you.
 You can get a 10inch one if you are just a beginner.


Another important major tool that you need in your arsenal is a router. They are used to decorate and shape your stock. They are good for rabbet and dados. 

There you go some essential power tools that every woodworker should have. We hope this guide was able to help you.