Microsoft Dynamics 365
Most organizations typically take the path of least resistance. For one, it allows them to commit fewer mistakes, and second, it drastically flattens the learning curve and enables them to implement the changes immediately. The same goes for Microsoft Dynamics 365. They are content to tap only a fraction of its potential when it could offer so much more.

To date, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is sitting on a five-percent market share, compared to the dominance of Salesforce, for instance, which eats up about 20% of the CRM sales pie. But it is steadily growing as Dynamics 365 can leverage on the sizable number of desktop devices that run Windows.

It should be noted, however, that you can optimize the software through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting. The services can be done both on-site and offsite, whatever is convenient for you. Nevertheless, you can now unleash the potential for the CRM and ERP application once your employees deep-dive into the features that are otherwise overlooked.

Here are some of the features of Dynamics 365 that you are probably not optimizing:
  • Unparalleled business intelligence - Dynamics 365 is both CRM and ERP rolled into one. One feature that even big organizations do not really use is the Power BI tool, which allows you to make sense of disparate data from both customers and sales. Actionable intelligence is presented in a visual form, which allows you to make decisions on the fly. With Power BI, your options are data-driven, which narrows down your choices. It has AI capabilities, which means that the more information it gathers, the more accurate the analysis reports would be.
  • Field Service - The third-party app is your all-in-one field service management solution. You can craft service agreements, manage work orders and resources, conduct product inventory, schedule and dispatch deliveries, and bill customers. It also allows you to remotely manage service locations using just your mobile device. Predictive and preventative maintenance features allow you to be on top of your machines and equipment, thereby reducing systems loss due to damage and break downs. Finally, the Field Service also has an analytics feature so that you can chart the periods where you are most or least productive.
  • Editable Grid - This is not a new feature for Microsoft Dynamics 365 as it has been rolled out since 2018. Unfortunately, some organizations are still not using it since they do not know what it is. Basically, the feature enables you to edit data, group or sort information and graphs in the same grid without the need to switch views or records. You do not need to pull out a record to edit it, for example, as the list can be edited using Grid. To secure the integrity of the data, team leaders can assign authorities for people to edit records. Those with no authorization can only access the read-only material.

Of course, the app has so much more to offer. However, those three features only prove that organizations and enterprises are utilizing Dynamics 365 the way it is designed. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting Services will walk you through many features that are tailor-fit to your organization to boost productivity and make the most of your data.