A cigar collection that a man contains is referred to as the most things while comparing to those of cars, jewellery, luxury house, and so on.

If you have bought cigars for some occasions or personal use then it is important to keep them correctly. Also, cigars humidified is important especially for those who are living in extremely cold or dessert-like climate. It is said that cigar is a tropical product, it needs an ideal temperature like 70%-75% humidity and 68 degrees to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since the role of the humidor is important, it will make sure that your cigar remains in the actual state. So if you are a true cigar lover then you must know the best humidor.

Also, you are not taking the help of humidor then other steps can be taken to store cigar, learn more here to know the methods that can benefit you.

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Take The Help Of Ziploc Bags
Ziplocs play an important role in keeping cigar fresh for a few weeks. You can place the bunch of cigars while adding a sponge into it, also do not forget to rotate sponge from time to time. You can also use the Ziploc with the humidification pouch.

Since Ziploc is found to be the easiest and the safest way to store your cigars. The bag will help you to restore the freshness of cigars and you can use them whenever you want to, also you can carry them while keeping in the same and take proper use like that of fresh cigars.

Store Them In Jar
If you want your cigar to be in the fresh state, then use an empty jar that can be helpful to you. To follow the step you need to fill the jar with water while inserting the piece of sponge to absorb water. Once you have gone through the process then you need to place a piece of plastic to create a humid environment and then finally you can place your cigar to keep them fresh.

Store Them In Cooler
A cooler can be the perfect solution for you to keep your cigars fresh, it can create the perfect temperature to store them. A cooler called as coolider will be able to store a good number of cigars, also you need to purchase it if you are not having and want to preserve your costly cigars.

It helps in keeping humidity optimal and circulate humidity through the fan that is built in the cooler. It is seen that 40 cigars can be stores through one humidification process.

Moisture Beads Is Another Solution
Like that of the jar option, you can also use moisture beads instead of taking the help of a sponge. You can buy moisture beads from any hardware stores and it cost around 10$ so if you have heard about moisture beads and want to keep your cigars alive then moisture beads can be the good option.

Keeping Cigar In Box or Wrapper
While considering various methods, whatever you can find suitable can opt for, although humidor is the well-known option if you want to preserve the cigars then the box can be another option as well. After keeping them inbox, you need to store them in a cool and dark place.

There are many options that you can take into consideration, learn more here and take the optimum methods as discussed above to prevent your cigars for a long time. Taking care of cigar is somewhat similar like we do care for our essentials and hence the care should be taken.

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